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Tuesday, 12/07/2004 - 09:45 AM PDT
The topic: I'm pretty shook up right now

Tuesday, December 7, 2004 As I posted earlier, the kittens had their fixit surgeries yesterday. All went well and I was to pick them up this morning. Joey also had an umbilical hernia taken care of, so all three got to spend the night at the vet's office. This morning when I was taking my shower, I heard the phone ringing. It was before nine, so I got out of the shower to answer it, but was too late. I checked caller ID and it was the vet. This couldn't be good.

I called them and they put the vet on the phone. This is really not good. He told me that Phoebe eviscerated (she pulled out her stitches, the pulled out about four to five inches of her intestines) herself sometime during the night. He said it hadn't been too long, because her intestines were still pink and viable, nothing horrible had set in. He cleaned them off, put them back in and sewed her back up. She was on fluids and antibiotics and most likely can come home tomorrow. With an e-collar. And she'll be crated.

After all these years of getting cats spayed, this was a first for me. He said she'll be okay, she's not in any danger of dying from this, but we'll have to keep a close watch on her. He said the main problem would be peritonitis, but he said she looks pretty good, he doesn't think this will be a problem. It would have been worse if it was the bowels, but, it wasn't. Damn.

I'll post more later.

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Sorry to hear about Phoebe's situation. My thoughts are with you and her and wishing the best.

Posted by Brenda @ 12/07/2004 11:14 AM PDT

Oh, the poor sweet thing. She did that at night when no one was there? I'm sure she will love being home, crate or no crate. Hope everything goes well with recovery. I can't imagine the worry you go through.

Posted by Melanee @ 12/07/2004 12:13 PM PDT

Oh i hope she is all right i will send a prayer for her and you. You are such a great person with all you do for your furbabies ! please keep us posted on everyone . =^..^= bcat

Posted by bcat @ 12/07/2004 09:22 PM PDT

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