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Friday, 04/08/2005 - 10:48 AM PDT
The topic: We're still here and well

Friday, April 8, 2005 We're stil here, nothing bad has prevented me from making a new entry. Things are just hectic around here with the landscapers, getting the television fixed, getting the satellite dish fixed, and dealing with Handsome (which will be addressed in next the Cat Stuff entry). I still haven't done the taxes, what the hell, I have a week. Besides, we'll most likely have to pay a hundred thousand kagillion dollars, so I'm not really all that anxious to get them done.

I got my money back from Sonic. And then I got my little fingers over to eBay and did a search and found the DVDit software, brand new, never opened, up for auction. I use esnipe and put in my top bid of $150.00 (the least I could find an upgrade for was $199.99). So, six seconds before the end of the auction, my bid was placed and I got it for $127.50. There was ten dollars shipping, so I still got it for well under list price. I'm happy about this. I won on a Friday, the package arrived on Monday. I love those kinds of eBay sellers. I pay immediately, it's nice when they do the same with shipping. And as soon as I do the taxes (I just love having things hanging over my head, that's why I procrastinate) I'll start playing around with it.

I did get a little bank rage yesterday. I went to the drive through and of four lanes, only one was in working condition. The line of cars was back to the street. I wait and the line moved pretty quickly. Until the inconsiderate twit in front of me. She didn't have her deposit slip and then, for some reason, it was taking forever to get her transaction finished. I'm not exaggerating, it took a very long time. One of the bank employees came out and started going up to cars and taking their banking stuff, walking inside the bank, taking care of it there and coming out to the cars and handing back the deposit slips. I was first, but I couldn't do anything because there was a truck behind me. But once she got her information back, she backed up, the bank employee kept other cars from getting behind me and I was able to back up and get into another drivethru lane. When I was next to the inconsiderate twit, I stopped, yelled as loudly as I could "inconsiderate twit!" and took off. Of course, she was most likely oblivious to any body else in the world, she's most likely one of those people who really and truly believes that all other humans are here to serve her. Honestly, she should have had the consideration to pull through, knowing she had a long transaction and letting the other cars behind her go. She should have gone inside to do her banking. And I think the teller could have politely requested that she do so, especially in light of the fact that only one drivethru line was working.

So for the "other stuff" in my life, it's been pretty quiet. At least as far as I can remember. Can't say that my memory is all that good any more.

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Posted by Lisa @ 04/13/2005 01:47 PM PDT

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