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Tuesday, 04/19/2005 - 12:58 PM PDT
The topic: Why is it that cat lovers

Tuesday, April 19, 2005 Why is it that catlovers will refrain from speaking of cats to non-catlovers when asked not to, but when a catlover doesn't want to speak of dogs to a doglover (or put in whatever type of animal) the doglover reacts to the catlover as if her brains are leaking out of her ears?

I frequent a forum that has "cats" in the title. It's for discussion of cats Okay, fine. We'll talk cats. Then, every once in a while, there's a post about a dog. Okay, fine, just put DR in the subject line and I'll bypass the post. No big deal, right? Oh, my GAWD, you'd think I just fed someone's pet puppy to the cats for dinner. How dare I? What is wrong with me? How can I just turn my back on the community like that?

For spit's sake I joined a cat forum, not a community forum. And now I'm supposed to do penance because I request that I not be subjected to non cat related posts on a cat forum? I'm not asking anyone to not post NCR posts, just please, put a few letters in the subject line. Gah. I'm sure not everyone reads every post by everybody everytime they come on.

And now, my words are being analyzed and ripped apart and torn to shreds. "Vat do yoo meen, yoo doo not vant to speak uf dogs?" Gimme a break.

It's this simple. I don't have kids, so I'm not all that interested in reading about what Johnnie did in his potty this morning. I don't have horses, so I have no idea about anything concerning them and since I don't see owning any in the foreseeable future and I have absolutely no desire to own one, why would I go all gaga over someone's horse? Same thing with dogs.

Geez. So, I'm shallow, so what? That's my perogative, right? From the reaction of some people, you'd think I was headed straight for the looney bin or hell. And you know what's sad? I'm not the only one who feels like that but I'm the only one with the backbone to say it outloud.

Yay me.

Replies: 7 comments

I AGREE!!!!! Good for you for voicing what all cat lovers feel! You go girl!!

Posted by Toni @ 04/19/2005 05:32 PM PDT

Messsage boards/forums have a way of doing that to you. One word and you immediately fall under suspicion. Boards I am on have Off Topic sections or label their Off Topic threads with an "OT". Too bad that board you speak of can't do the same.

Posted by Lisa @ 04/20/2005 06:46 AM PDT

Oh for pity's sake, are you insane? Doesn't everyone in a specific forum want to listen to them drivel on about not related crap! :cool:I don't have horses either, never will. Do they want to hear about my sheep> :satisfied:

Posted by Donna @ 04/20/2005 09:04 AM PDT

I agree!!! What are they doing talking on a cat forum about dogs anyway?

Posted by BaileyShelbyCody @ 04/20/2005 09:23 AM PDT

Hey! I spoke up, too! But, I don't want any warning in the subject line. I don't want to hear about dogs on a cat board, PERIOD. :crazy:

Posted by Tamara @ 04/25/2005 07:55 AM PDT

Yeah, you spoke up but you didn't get the grief I got, you just got trolled. And besides, I didn't think too many people who went over there, come here.

I haven't posted there since last Tuesday. Did you notice?

Posted by lisaviolet @ 04/25/2005 09:18 AM PDT

You know Forums to me have become like being back in High School again. One wrong move and you are out of the clique.. :crazy:
Hang in there girl, say what you feel. You are the better person for it! :D

Posted by DonnaB @ 04/27/2005 07:07 AM PDT

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