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cat stuff
Friday, 08/19/2005 - 10:01 AM PDT
The topic: The Catcam chair

I get this catalog from a little company of the name by the Lakeside Company . This catalog has some

I get this catalog from a little company of the name by the Lakeside Company. This catalog has some excellent deals in it, for lots of different types of things.

I got a little Tigger shorts outfit and it fits me. Very comfortable. I got two new cookbooks, one for crockpot cooking, the other for canned soup recipes. They were less than eight dollars each. When I got them and took the plastic off, the original price was $19.95 each.

I also picked up a couple of blankets. They're small, lightweight and they came in little cases of matching material. And they're perfect for the catcam chair. They were less than $8.00 for two and I got one of each set, so I've got four new blankets for the chair. I was using old bedspreads and the problem with those is they were so big, the hung on the floor and got peed on.

Anyway, be watching for my cool new blankets, live on camera. Today I have the cream blanket on and Lisa seems to like it. I did catch her sucking on it earlier.

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I got a big thick catalog from them last night and threw it away. I'm going to have to pull it out of the trash now. I don't think I threw anything else in there yet.

Posted by Lisa @ 08/19/2005 10:28 AM PDT

Hello! I'm Mary, here in Long Beach, CA! I've been looking in on you for a few months but been lurking-thought it was about time I said Hello!

I have only rescue kitties and currently have 3.
Thank you so much for doing this! big grin

Posted by Mary @ 08/19/2005 11:37 AM PDT

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