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Monday, 08/29/2005 - 11:41 AM PDT
The topic: I started using a five button

Microsoft Optical Intellimouse years ago. Brian never knew the other kind of mouse. When we went back to Colorado and I used my sister-in-law's computer, I was surprised at how much I missed my five button mouse. I told her how nice they were and we went to eBay and ordered one for her.

I switched to optical because there was nothing to take apart and have to clean, which I had to do quite often with the original mouse. Lots of cat fur and crumbs got caught up in it and it would greatly slow down. And the one I got had five buttons. I didn't know what the buttons were for, but it didn't take me long to figure it out and I came to appreciate those buttons for surfing the internet. Just using a thumb click to go forward or back, just made it so easy.

I got a Logitech mouse when I got my first Dell computer. It's optical and has programmable buttons, but it doesn't have five of them. So, I switched them out, the Gateway has the Logitech, since I don't run much on the Gateway, just three of the cameras. And I used the Microsoft optical Intellimouse with my Dell.

One of the first things we did when Brian got his Dell was get a new keyboard for him, an internet keyboard. And it came with a wireless mouse. Well, it's a Microsoft optical mouse, but it's not five button. So, his keyboard is wireless and his mouse is not. And his mouse has five buttons. Like mine. Those left side buttons have spoiled us.

So, when I got my new laptop, I was surprised it didn't have a mouse. Oh, I can just run my finger over this little pad to move the cursor? What fun! Except it wasn't as much fun as I thought it would be. So, I ordered a new mouse. A Microsoft wireless optical Intellimouse. And I like it.

Last week, I noticed that my old mouse back button wasn't working properly. It didn't respond as it should. It was taking a couple of clicks to get it to work. So, I did a little research on mice and decided I was going to switch out the wireless laptop mouse with the old wired mouse on the Dell. And get a new mouse for the laptop. Since the laptop isn't my primary surfing computer (the Dell is), the Intellimouse isn't really a necessity. Well, I found the most adorable little mouse. It's optical, not five button, but that's okay, it's for the laptop. It's an Iogear Optical 800 DPI USB Mini Mouse and the scroll button is pink! How cute is that? As soon as it gets here, the mouse I got for the laptop will be attached to the Dell. And I can put it up when I'm not around. I think cats knocking my current mouse to the floor on a fairly regular basis shortened its life somewhat.

Another thing I got was a keyboard cover for the laptop. I was reading on a forum about a woman spilling milk onto her laptop's keyboard and it cost more than a couple of hundred dollars to fix, and she was without her laptop for the time it took to fix. Ever since I knew there were keyboard condoms, I've had one. But I didn't know if they had them for laptops or not. But after reading her post, I decided to find out. And I did. They have all sorts available at I ordered one for the laptop and one for Brian's keyboard. He said he won't use it. Tough, I'm putting it on anyway. He said his keyboard doesn't get dirty. Bet me. His keyboard doesn't have some sort of magic force field that repells cat hair and pine pollen and dust bunnies.

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I've been thinking about getting keyboard condoms for my work keyboard, my work laptop and my home computer. My work keyboard is just nasty. I like that mouse, but it kind of looks obscene. LOL

Posted by Lisa @ 08/29/2005 11:45 AM PDT

I loved my cordless Intellimouse but it croaked. I still have it but it's really not usable so I have a corded one without the 5 buttons , but at least it has the back button. Can't live without it, have to have that back button. lol

Posted by Norah @ 08/30/2005 06:51 PM PDT

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