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Thursday, 09/22/2005 - 06:55 AM PDT
The topic: Burning CDs

Last week, I decided to start making copies of my favorite CDs for the Escape. I already have a bunch made, but the labels are paper. According to the manufacturer, these are the wrong kind to run in the system in the car because the heat generated by player causes the glue to loosen and the label could get caught up in the player. I figured it would be a good idea to burn more onto discs that can be printed on directly.

So, I figure I'll use the laptop. I thought I'll just move all of my burning software to that computer and not use this computer for burning CDs anymore. Big problem. The software won't update. Oh, it tells me that there are patches available, but since they took over Roxio, the Sonic website is useless. None of the help pages were available, the patch pages weren't available and none of the contact pages were available. I tried calling their support, but there's a per incident charge. Which sucks because all I wanted to do was report that their website wasn't working correctly. I put the CD burning idea on the back burner.

This past weekend, I tried again with this computer. I had it down to less than twenty minutes for a full product. That included burning, printing the case insert and cover and printing the label onto the disc itself.

And since it was so easy, I've got a stack of about thirty here waiting to do. The ones that will be more time consuming are the compilations I burned, since the song/artist information will have to be entered by hand.

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