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Friday, 09/23/2005 - 02:10 PM PDT
The topic: Hurricane bloggers

Well, hurricane "blogger", if you will.

Laurence didn't leave. I knew that this morning, just haven't had a chance to post about it. But he's blogging like crazy, taking pictures and putting them up in his photo gallery.

Check it out if you get a chance. As bad as it gets, he's always got a humorous edge.


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Posted by ann @ 09/26/2005 07:19 PM PDT

Posted by ann @ 09/26/2005 07:19 PM PDT

Sorry I typed it wrong (Im not surprised with everything going on down here) Its a beautiful poem I found for all the animal lovers.

Posted by ann @ 09/26/2005 07:40 PM PDT

Yes, Laurence's blog really
helped me through the evacuation. It was so hard being 6 hours from home and waiting for Rita to hit.

Posted by PJ @ 09/27/2005 09:35 AM PDT

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