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Monday, 01/06/2003 - 11:10 AM PDT
The topic: Warm weather predicted for today

Monday, January 6, 2003 We're in for high winds and record temperatures today. If your connection can handle it, check out the live weather cam during the day.

I've already been to the vet's office. Saturday, Brian finished the window treatment and put in the baseboard in the bedroom. He used his nail gun that's run by the compressor back in the shop. It's very noisy, very loud. Before he finished the furniture was delivered and my job was to stand guard at the door as the furniture was brought in. The men had set the screen door to stay open, but that would never do. We couldn't have cats leaving through the front door, could we? Anyway, it was a pretty hectic day. Last week, remember, I had refilled Annie's amitriptyline prescription and have been giving her a pill a day. Well, this morning, I see she's been so stressed by the past few days, that she's peeing clots again. I called down to the vet's office to see if it would be possible to refill her torbutrol prescription and Becky said no problem. I went right away to get it. If Annie is peeing clots, then she most definately doesn't feel good. She's eating and drinking okay, it's just her pee.

Dang. I just gave DeeJay, Boney and Lucky some food in my clean bathroom, split it up between them. I checked in on the and Lucky puked all over my counter. I mean, all over. There was some grass and little pieces of fur, so I don't doubt she was bringing up a furball. If it wasn't her, it was DeeJay. His belly has been bubbling this morning again. It could be him. *sigh* It took about a dozen paper towels, but now it's all cleaned up. Note to self: from now on, only feed one cat at a time in the bathroom.

I really like our new bedroom suite. Once everything was in place, the first thing I did was put my jewelry in the jewelry drawer. There was even room for all of my Disney jewelry. I found all of my Disney earrings and now they're laid out nice and neat. I have one pair that I really like and I'd misplaced one of the earrings. I found it yesterday after a year of looking and I'm all set. I still have to move my clothes to the drawers. I don't know if I want to line them or not yet. Brian climbed up into the attic last night and moved the cable for the television. Then we put the tv in the armoire, but the tv was too big to go in from the front (sounds like what happened in the other room earlier this year) and we had to pull out the armoire to get the television in place. Then I turn it on and there's this humongous purple spot that isn't that noticible unless it's on a face. That went away, though, after the televsion had been turned off, then back on. I have to figure out how to do the antenna through the 4DTV receiver now, since there's only one spot to connect anything at the back (for coaxial cable). As it is, we can't get local stations.

Last Friday, one of the first places I ever posted when I came online shut down. Acmepet is no longer. There was a threat of closure in April of last year and a few people started up new boards, in case Acme did close. Well, they finally did it Friday, with no fanfare, no notice. Of course, I have Benny's Forums and all are welcomed there. I know that some won't frequent anything that I have a hand in (I admit I've stepped on some toes), but I think there will be a fair amount of new posters at Benny's. If you'd like to join the community, go on over the Benny's Forums and sign up. You may make some new cat loving friends there.

Now, I know that some want to recreate Acmepet, but it's not going to happen. You can't recreate something as wonderful as Acme could be. Change happens. You can have the board look exactly like the Acme board, but it won't be Acme. There will never be another Acme.

I've had a couple of inquiries about the success of the Feliway plugins. Well, right now, I think it may be too soon to tell for sure, but I do know that Georgie has very much calmed down at night. He hasn't gone after anyone since I put them in. And the spraying on the kitchen counter has been cut back considerably. I can't tell on the windows because I need to clean the windows first, something I've been planning to do since last week. (I try to do them once a week now, at least.) It doesn't look like there's anything new though. I am curious about how well they work when I've got the house open, like right now. Ciara was behaving quite badly yesterday morning, stalking Georgie, not stopping even after we put her outside. She came right back in and kept after him. She got one of her nice pills, a half a tab of Buspar that we keep on hand for such occasions. Like I said, it's too soon to tell right now, but indications are that the Feliway plugins will be a big help.

Last night, one of the cats ran through the screen in the living room. Ripped it right up. I don't know who it was and none of the cats showed any signs of injury. We don't quite know what happened. And I don't have any idea why one of the cats would try to go out that door, since it's been kept shut for months now. It's a mystery to me.

Well, laundry has been piling up (what's new?) and the windows should be cleaned. I'll be getting busy now.

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I pray that it wasn't me that sent the spam complaint about you. Just got a spamkiller & trying to figure it out. Please say it's not me. I can't get that out of my mind. I love lisaviolet. How are the Feliways doing?

Posted by Darlene @ 01/06/2003 01:27 PM PDT

It wasn't you, it was an AOL user. So far the Feliways seem to be working. Time will tell, though.

I see you joined Benny's. Kewl!


Posted by lisaviolet @ 01/06/2003 02:03 PM PDT

Yes. Now I have to figure out how it functions. I have felt for yrs that lisaviolet was part fo my kitty family.

Posted by Darlene @ 01/07/2003 08:12 AM PDT

I've been away from the forums for a while (mostly a lurker anyway), but I sure hope I wasn't the one that reported you as a spammer ... I have AOL and I receive a lot of spam and with the new 8.0 version, it's easy just to block the person and move on ... but, I get so much spam, that I hope I didn't include you in that list by accident :-

Posted by Sharlene @ 01/09/2003 11:42 AM PDT

lisaviolet is fifty something, married with no kids, takes care of lots of cats, likes taking photographs, loves Southern California weather and spends altogether too much time avoiding her responsibilities.

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