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Friday, 01/31/2003 - 10:03 AM PDT
The topic: It feels like summer

Friday, January 31, 2003 It's 7:30 am right now and all the doors and windows are open. It's 57.6° outside and 66.7° inside. When we went for our walk this morning, I passed over the gloves and sweatshirt for just a teeshirt. I think we're in for a warm one this afternoon.

Heh know how I said it's so nice this morning? Check out this picture from the catcam I saved:

It would appear that Lisa doesn't agree with me.

So, what else.

I was getting a little worried about SpotTee, as I hadn't seen him since this past weekend. Little Bit still showed up and, amazingly, Repete was his escort. These cats never cease to amaze me with how they take care of one another. Now, the food has been getting eaten at night, it's been since the beginning of the week when there was a substantial amount left over. Last night I only saw OC and KittyMeeze at dinner, but almost all of the food was gone this morning. I opened a side window by the front door after I put out their morning food and I did see SpotTee and Little Bit, as well as OC and KittyMeeze. *whew* Figure it's that time of the year again, I guess. And since there aren't any females close by that I know of, the intact males have to travel farther to find a queen.

Over at the park my mom lives in, there's an obviously sick coyote wandering around. They've seen it in the daytime and it looks really bad. Mom said that she was told it's bleeding from its neck and the fur is all ratty looking. Because the coyote is acting out of natural coyote behavior, the county is going to set traps next week to catch it and euthanize it. They're afraid it may be rabid. I'll be glad to hear of its demise. I hate coyotes. I don't think I hate them as much when they're in the wild. But I really hate them when they're walking up my street. I think they should go live with the developers who displace their homes. That's what I think. :cussing

All of our furry ones are fairly healthy, which is very fortunate right now since we are brokola. Work hasn't picked up at all since Brian took so much time off the end of last year. His main supplier is pretty busy, so that's good, means that this end of the economy isn't in the toilet yet. And here in San Diego County, there's not a whole lot of room for new construction (Brian doesn't do tract housing, he does custom homes) so hopefully the remodeling area will pick up soon. I kind of figure the end of the year bills are hitting and people are being careful with their money right now. I hope I'm right. This might be kind of scary.

And of course, our old spending habits are hard to break. Although we've been really good at only getting what we need at CostCo. No extras like movies or music or yard tools or stuff like that. A place where we had a hard time leaving without having spent close to $200, well, we've been keeping that tape under $60.00 and we're not going as often. Brian is depressed because of the money situation, I know that's his problem right now. It would be great if he had the time to go up to Ranchita and just work, but I'm pushing to get the closet finished. And that should be this weekend, that should free up the weekends so he can go work in the dirt. It's almost miraculous how much that does for his spirit.

I've been so frustrated with the Gateway lately, you know, I added all of that memory late last year just knowing it would take care of the problem, but it didn't. Not at all. I'm having to reboot at least once during the day and I hate doing that and disrupting the flow of the cameras and weather station uploading to my site. It's very, very frustrating. As I mentioned in my other entry this week, I finally broke down and ordered what I'd need to be able to connect to the internet with the Dell using the cable modem. And once that's set up, I'm going to see if it's possible to run all of the cameras from that computer. If it is, I'll move all of the cameras and the weather station to the Dell. And I want to format the C drive on the Gateway and start over from scratch. I know there's a software conflict somewhere and I have no idea how to find it. Plus there's a lot of garbage on the system, so I figure I'll just completely clean it out. I'm really kind of nervous about it, though. I used to reformat all the time with my first computer, didn't scare me a bit. Now it does. I'll have to go through and find what I absolutely can't lose, like my emails from both Netscape and Eudora, because they have registration information for most of my software. My hands get shaky just thinking about it. Or maybe that's the coffee. :caffiend

I have a bunch of stuff I could do to the website. I just downloaded some pictures from the camera and there are a couple of awesome ones of sunsets. Really nice. And a cool one of the fog coming in. Quite a few of the remodel (finishing the family room and of the bedroom). I've got a bunch of stuff to add to the card shop, more pictures and Fran's globes. Maybe after I get the new computer stuff set up, I'll work on that.

Wednesday, I got all of the year end payroll reports done and in the mail. I thought I wouldn't have to get the old typewriter out, but I was wrong. Now, though, with the office closet cleaned out, I'll have a much more accessible place to store it and keep it out of reach of kitty urine. I had it in a plastic trash bag, taped up, but the cats had put little holes in the bag and some urine got through. Now I won't have to worry about that.

Early Thursday morning, I woke up with a really bad pain in my butt. I think I might have a spastic colon or something. I've been having it off and on since I was in my early twenties. If you've ever had a cramp or a charley horse, think of one of those in your colon. Really, really painful. Luckily, they don't last all that long for me like they used to. At one time I figured there was a cause and effect of what I'd eaten, but I can't see where the sandwich at Boll Weevil could have caused this. I'm thinking this was stress related (no money=stress). I know that we shouldn't be spending money on dinner out, but I really need to get out of the house every once in a while and eat someone else's cooking. I was pretty tired all day long yesterday, got very little done. So, I'm trying to make up for it today. I have laundry to fold and I'm going to wash the pissy windows again. As if the pee isn't bad enough, there are big stoneware crocks full of water for the cats in the window and for some reason, the boys always wash their paws before they drink. Then they shake their paws off, getting water spots all over the windows. *sigh*

Some spammer used my addy as a return address yesterday. I started getting all of this bounced mail, probably ended up with close to 500 pieces of it. Then, as suddenly as it started, it ended. I'm thinking that some IP had an open relay and the spammer was taking advantage of it. Then they closed the relay and the spam stopped. I haven't gotten any residual bounces. I might have gotten more, but I got busy on my filters, having much of the mail deleted before it reached my inbox. Gah, I hate spammers. And to add insult, it was for penis enlargement. We know how I feel about penis enlargement spam. :flame

That's all for now. Have a beautiful day!

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Sara gets under the quilt like Lisaviolet. Her reason is Timothy won't leave her alone. :angry:

Posted by Bobbie @ 02/04/2003 06:47 PM PDT

un sito meraviglioso!!!!!!!! ciao naty

Posted by naty @ 10/25/2003 03:48 PM PDT

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