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Wednesday, 01/22/2003 - 03:18 PM PDT
The topic: Yesterday was a Disney day

Wednesday, January 22, 2003 Yesterday was a Disney day. We went to Disneyland. We left before 9:30 and got up there around 11:00. The drive was nice, uneventful. We came home about 2:15, hit a little traffic, but it wasn't too bad. The parks were almost empty. Looks like I'm going to mark the day after the Martin Luther King holiday as a good Disney day. Maybe even book a room for the night.

We got home right at sunset, so the cats didn't go without their regular feeding. I fed the dog and the inside cats and Brian, who was watching television asked if I'd fed the outfronts. No, I didn't. Didn't you tell me that it would be your job, no more taking turns? Just if you were busy I would do it? Well, I don't consider watching Gilmore Girls being busy. Sorry, but feeding animals takes precedence over the lives of Rory and Lorelai Gilmore. :yes

What was really nice was to hear Brian greeting Angus. "Hi, Angus!" he said. He told me that Angus was sleeping sitting up. Said he looked good. Brian thinks SpotTee and Angus must be getting food somewhere else because they look really well fed and healthy. Boy, was I happy to hear that Angus is still around. This morning, there were no cats at all, not even KittyMeeze when I put out the food for them. I did see some big pawprints outside of the water fountain, so my guess is there was a raccoon or two out there and the cats beat feet. Around six this morning, I went out with the flashlight because the food had been out for forty five minutes and didn't look like anyone had touched it. KittyMeeze was in the driveway, OC was in the heartless bastard's yard. Relieved, I went back inside. When I looked out a quarter of an hour later, there was KittyMeeze, OC, SpotTee and Little Bit, all eating. Little Bit didn't know if he wanted to stay around, he kind of would run off but when the adults didn't, he'd come back. When they'd emptied the bowls, they left. KittyMeeze and OC stuck around, hung out on the bank and I guess SpotTee took Little Bit back to the juniper home.

I can't even believe how out of it I am today. Talk about having your mind being a million miles away. I have no idea where mine is, but it's certainly not close by. I got a new watch yesterday, but I think it was for a much younger female and I could barely get the band around my wrist. I rarely like the bands they come with anyway, I like them loose and I like them so that I don't have to hook them. Much less chance of accidentally losing one, you know? Anyway, I figured I'd just buy a new watchband. There was a really pretty watch in the watch store at DL, it looked like a tennis bracelet. I didn't really care for the watch, but I like the band. So, last night, I looked for one online and found none that were that fancy. I found some Spiedels that would do and I figured I'd go to Wal-Mart to see if I could find one there. Brian gave me a list of stuff he needed and I had to stop and get more Sensible Choice dry for the insides (I can't believe how much they're going through) and frozen chicken at CostCo. I was almost at the pet store in Santee when it dawned on me I'd not brought the watches. *sigh* Well, at least I remembered the measurements from last night. Then after I left the pet store, I wasn't in the far right lane to turn onto the road where Wal-Mart is. Luckily, there was no one in the far right lane, so I just turned right. Maybe I'm just really tired. Disneyland and riding for hours really takes a lot out of me.

I weighed DeeJay this morning. Seven pounds, fourteen and a half ounces! That's really good! And I've noticed that he's also retaining more body heat. After he was first diagnosed with the kidney disease and had lost all of that weight, his ears and paws were always cold, like he had a hard time keeping warm. I just noticed this past weekend that his ears weren't cold to the touch. I'm wondering if maybe some of the homeopathic stuff I'm doing is working. I've been adding a half a cap of digestive enzymes to the junk moist food that I split between Lucky, Boney and DeeJay. And it's been about three weeks now that DeeJay has been lapping up his probiotics every morning. Something good is going on with him. When he weighs more than eight pounds for a couple of weeks, I'll take him in and get him retested. See how his values are now.

Hey, did you hear that the law passed in West Hollywood? This is a good thing. Maybe now, people will begin to question the declaw surgery. Why do some consider it a bad thing? And maybe, they'll become more educated about it. And decide not to do it and hop on the anti-declaw train.

Well, Brian just got home and mentioned the incredible lack of energy he's experiencing. I reminded him it's always like that the day after a Disney trip. I think I'll go take a nap.

I almost forgot to mention a few things. First, my hair. I killed it. I'm sure everyone is familiar with troll dolls. Well, after I had rinsed my hair I started to comb it. And it started coming out in clumps. I let it dry more and the hair that was in my comb resembled troll hair. Fine and frizzy. I ended up cutting quite a bit of it off (back to layered). I put it on my head in a ponytail and cut straight across. It still has length, although it's not as long as it was and it's not so thick (which should help keep my head cooler). Monday afternoon, I was ready to shave it all off and wear a wig. Today, I like it again. Go figure.

The second thing happened at night, when Brian and I were in bed. This was last week sometime, I don't remember what night. Now, the cats like the new bedroom set. They like the new bed. And we've been getting more into bed with us every night. Boney usually sleeps between Brian and me, by our heads. I had to get up to do a nightly toilet visit and when I came back, Daniece woke up. She started purring and came up to where I could pet us. She was by Boney. She started cuddling and headbutting Boney. When I rolled over to go to sleep, I started hearing a sucking noise. I turned back to see what she was doing and she was sucking on one of Boney's paws. He finally got tired of it and pulled his paw back. She went after it. He finally ended up smacking her and kind of growling at her. It was really funny.

That's it!

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Great news that the law passed :D

Posted by Bobbie @ 01/23/2003 05:17 AM PDT

Glad to hear the law passed! Glad to hear the outfronts are okay! :)

Sorry to hear about your hair... Can we see pictures?! :cool:

Also - hahahaha@Boney smacking Daniece! That is TOO funny! :laugh:

Posted by Honest @ 01/24/2003 05:23 AM PDT

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