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Friday, 05/09/2003 - 06:17 PM PDT
The topic: The sun finally came out

Friday, May 9, 2003 The sun finally came out today. It seems like it's been weeks since I've seen it. It's on the cool side, but it's still very nice. And with the sun, the gloom that's been hanging around my head lifted.

Lucky is doing better. It's slow, but it's happening. I called the vet's again Tuesday afternoon when I hadn't heard back. Elena talked to the vet and told me they'd have some more medicine ready for Lucky, just give them a few minutes. I went down and was given Clavamox liquid and more Animax. I'm to finish both tubes of the ointment and empty the bottle of Clavamox. It usually does take about three days before you start to see any improvement, so today would be right for her. She's cruising around the house more today and I've seen her outside, too. This is good. She's also wanted to be fed in the bathroom.

I weighed DeeJay Tuesday night after I gave him his fluids. I know the fluids added to it, but he weighed a little over eight pounds. This is great! He hasn't weighed this much in well over a year. It does seem that when Oliver moved in, DeeJay started to live again. For so long, he'd mostly just slept, but now, he's walking around more and being more energetic. Not a lot, but enough that it's making a difference. I do see him at the food bowl more often.

The ointment I was putting in Mystie's eye wasn't working very well. I remembered the stuff I'd gotten when we first got Oliver and found it in my pet medicine drawer. I wasn't sure it was the right stuff, so I called the vet's office and was told as long as it didn't have steroids or another ingredient, it would be okay to use. So, I did. It did the job and her eye is almost back to normal. She was sleeping in the office yesterday and I took this picture of her (she was on the office cam chair).

She looks like such an angel when she's sleeping.

Oliver was a trooper at the chiropractor's. He actually rubbed against the doctor and tried to headbutt him. I still can't understand why I was told he "hates men". So far as I've seen, he doesn't have a problem with males.

We didn't walk at all this week because I thought it would be best for my leg. So, I wasn't too optimistic about my weight loss for the week. As a matter of fact, I thought I'd probably gained a pound or two. Well, guess what? I lost a pound. I've lost a total of fifteen now. Yay me!

The Bronco is up and running. That's so kewl. Brian says it runs a lot better, too. After he had the motor in, there was still a hitch in the getalong, so he took it to a mechanic to check it out. Turns out there were a couple of sensors that were bad. It was gone for two days and we got it back yesterday. And he took it today to get gas in it. He just got home and let me know the passenger window doesn't work. It will roll down (they're power), but it won't go back up. He just left to go to Ford and pick up a new part. He said he'd see me in about four hours. Four hours! Why? Because he's going to fix it tonight. Because he's "going to the property" tomorrow. What! Why? I thought he was going to stay home this weekend. Nope. He's not going to spend the night this weekend because we're taking our moms out to breakfast Sunday. *sigh* Doodoo.

I ordered some more scent this week. I got lilac, orange and sage. The sage doesn't smell at all like the other sage I bought. I still haven't heard anything from Susie's Scents. Like I really think I will. I don't think I'll hear from her until she finds out I've made complaints against her. Even so, every time UPS shows up, I have a little gleam of hope that maybe, just maybe, they're bringing my candles. I really wish I hadn't liked her product so much. Well, with Brian gone tomorrow, maybe I'll make a candle or two using the new sage scent.

I haven't seen OC all day. That happens every once in a while. It's not that he doesn't show up, I just don't see him when he's here. Little Bit is staying over here now for the most part. And she's getting familiar enough with me that I can go out through the gate and she doesn't jump down from her spot. It's really nice to see both her and KittyMeeze curled up together in the daytime. Repete spends a lot of time on this side of the street, too. I wish OC would. Sometimes he does stay here, but not nearly as much as the other guys. I'd feel better if he did stay here.

I'm almost caught up with the laundry. I vacuumed today, with my cool new little Shark machine I got at Sears on sale. That thing is wonderful. It's lightweight and does a good job of sucking up cat hair and cat litter. The only thing is the cord is too short. I should use the one I use with my big machine. And I'm also almost caught up with paperwork. I have to make copies, then I'll be done. That shouldn't take too long and I'm going to start right now.

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Glad to hear you recommend the Shark. I've been wanting one but afraid with 40+cats I'd be wasting my money. Thanks - need something light weight for the stairs.

Posted by Sharlene @ 05/09/2003 07:32 PM PDT

For the most part, things sound like they're getting better. You sound better. I'm so happy to hear it.

Congratulations on the diet ! Good work !

Posted by Muffaluffagus @ 05/10/2003 03:22 PM PDT

Could you please tell me what shooting mode you use to get those up close facial pictures of your cats. What dial mode? :cool:

Posted by Darlene @ 05/11/2003 10:09 AM PDT

I have an Olympus d-490 zoom and I use the macro mode for some of the close-ups. It's pretty fun and the cats don't seem to mind at all.

Posted by lisaviolet @ 05/11/2003 12:37 PM PDT

Thank you. I have an Olympus C-50zoom & it mentions that mode. So now I have to read up on it. It's a new camera. I just love your pictures.

Posted by Darlene @ 05/11/2003 06:09 PM PDT


I just wanted to let you know that the puzzle was a hit. She loved it.


Posted by Melody @ 05/13/2003 05:19 AM PDT

Hi lisaviolet:

I also love cats. I am having a difficult time now as kittens are being born in the colonies and we don't seem to be able to keep up with our spay and neuter. When I begin to feel like this, I think of the starfish story.

Posted by Mary @ 06/01/2003 04:24 PM PDT

Hi lisaviolet:

I also love cats. I am having a difficult time now as kittens are being born in the colonies and we don't seem to be able to keep up with our spay and neuter. When I begin to feel like this, I think of the starfish story.

Posted by Mary @ 06/01/2003 04:24 PM PDT

lisaviolet is fifty something, married with no kids, takes care of lots of cats, likes taking photographs, loves Southern California weather and spends altogether too much time avoiding her responsibilities.

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