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Friday, 05/30/2003 - 02:53 PM PDT
The topic: Summer is getting closer

Friday, May 30, 2003 I can tell because there are more warm days than cool. I laid out one day this week, was going to do the other side the next day, but the weather went cool. *sigh* I want to tan up this year. Of course, once I get it going, I will supplement with some tan in a bottle.

Four of the plants didn't make it. Three were the big daisies. They didn't do well in the sun at all. I tried replanting them, but they just weren't strong enough. And one of the smaller plants I'd gotten died, too. I was having a problem with snails and slugs, like I mentioned in my last entry, but I couldn't wait for delivery of the killer. So, I called around town and found that Home Depot carried an animal friendly killer. This stuff takes a couple of days to work, but work it does. The cats thought it was a treat and tried munching on it. Yeah, I know it said "pet friendly" but I sure didn't want to push my luck. But nobody got hurt and the snails got dead and the plants can live happily ever after.

I lost another two pounds this week, bringing my total to twenty pounds. That's pretty nice. I've gone down a size in pants. Good thing that I saved my old ones.

I finally got Droncit for Oliver. The other afternoon he was on Brian's desk and I saw a worm coming out of his butt. I called the vet's office and picked up the meds the next day. Gave them to him that night.

Benny got his fur cut Tuesday and he's so much happier. He so happy he kneads when he walks. *lol* Becky, who did the cut, told me that some of the mats were so tight that they were really hurting him. So, she lightly masked him down (sedated him) so that he wouldn't be in so much pain. I guess next year I won't wait so long. I'll have him done as soon as the mats start appearing. It would be so much easier if he'd just let me comb him. Maybe if I start now, while his fur is short, he'll get used to it.

Looking back, this has been a really quiet week. I made arrangements to take the car in and have the CD player removed, which was supposed to be done today, but I got it to work, so I didn't have to go.

Ah, Little Bit is back in heat. I think it's winding down because there's not so much caterwauling. She found that she's safer in one of the cathouses out front. The boys can't get around her to do their thing. Of course, the boys are guarding the cathouse, just in case she tries to get out. I dropped some dry food in for her, I hope she eats it. I hope she isn't already preggers, but I'm sure she probably is. We have to renew our efforts to get her trapped. I could probably do it now, while she's in the cathouse. Leave the trap by the cathouse door and when she comes out, it would be set. I'll have to see what Brian thinks.

And we still haven't seen Angus in quite a while. The other day it came to me where he might be. Around the corner from the Little Man there were some people who recently moved. It's possible that Angus was their cat and they took him with them. One of the people who lived there did come by before they left and asked if I'd seen another of their cats (I hadn't). I'm keeping my eye out for him and I have her phone number. But I'm thinking it's very possible that Angus belonged to them.

Well, that's it for now. Really nothing to speak of going on here.

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I'd love to see a picture of Benny with his new "lion cut". I've seen some pictures from past years and he really looks handsome!! :)

Posted by Brenda @ 06/02/2003 10:36 AM PDT

I second the idea! (of a new Benny picture)

Posted by Melon @ 06/02/2003 01:29 PM PDT

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