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Tuesday, 05/06/2003 - 10:22 AM PDT
The topic: I need a break

Tuesday, May 6, 2003 I need a break. From my life. From cats. From laundry. From cat pee. From kidney disease. From ear polyps. From worry. I need a break.

I had a bad scare Saturday with Lucky. I thought we were losing her. She couldn't keep her balance. I kept thinking back to Rusty. Even though it wasn't the full 48 hours, I gave her fluids in the afternoon. That evening, I tried the Animax ear ointment that I had left over from the month before, for the infection in her ears. Amazingly, Sunday morning she was doing great. So typically cat. You think their time is almost up and they bounce right back. Right now, I'm thinking it was the ear ointment that helped so much. It's quite possible that her infection was so bad that we only knocked it down, we didn't knock it out. I got more Animax yesterday, but I'd like some imput from the vet (who wasn't in the office yesterday). She may need more antibiotics. I've got a call in to the vet, I should hear back this morning.

This morning when I came into the office to turn on the computers, nothing worked. There was no electricity. This couldn't be good. Brian was up and I told him, he got dressed and went outside and the breaker was off. He turned it on and we got power to the office. I got everything up and running and was sitting here, reading my email and catching up on some of the forums I frequent. I kept hearing this faint crackling noise. It was coming from the other side of the room. I narrowed it down to Brian's side of the desk. Sure enough, it was coming from the outlet under his side. I quickly unplugged the cords and went into the bathroom where Brian was taking a shower. I asked him which breaker it was, told him what I'd found. I powered down (turned off) the computers and went outside and threw the breaker. When Brian was dressed, he went out to the shop and grabbed a new outlet. I had put towels down on the floor to keep him from getting dirty (the litter box had been there).

The screw in the outlet cover was so rusted out, he had a very difficult time getting it out of the wall. He was not a happy camper. He swore. He swore a lot. But he got it fixed and it didn't take him too long. While he was working, I fed Junior. When he was finished, I went outside and turned the power back on to the office, got the computers up again. We gave Junior his shot and I told Brian he should probably take another shower. Not that he smelled bad to me, but I know it would bother him all day long. Now, I have to cover the outlet with tape to keep more urine from getting into it.

Last Wednesday afternoon, we went to the chiropractor. Sometime after I got home, I did something to my left leg. I pulled a muscle in my calf. We didn't go walking the rest of the week so that I could rest my leg. I didn't get any housework done at all. Saturday, it had finally started to feel better, but that night, I was watching Lucky and she was trying to jump up onto the stove. Because of her balance problem, I was scared that she'd miss, so I started to run into the kitchen. *POP* I felt my calf muscle give out. It still hurts, but not as badly as it did. Brian was so sweet Saturday night. He rubbed my calf with castor oil for almost an hour. Put me to sleep. Yesterday, I started to catch up on the laundry. I want to finish it today. I also have to wash the windows. He put new glass in the windows in the family room and dining room yesterday. It's a lot lighter than what we had in. He said it has some sort of gas in it to reflect the heat. It's supposed to be more energy efficient. Well, the glass has been at his shop for almost a year and it needs to be cleaned really good. Brian also ran a bead of silicone at the bottom of the glass so that the cat pee can't soak in. That will be a big help in keeping them clean.

Oliver had a great visit with the vet last week. He's doing so much better. The vet took pictures of Oliver with the acupuncture needles in his back and leg to use at presentations. I thought that was pretty neat. I was telling Becky about it at the vet's office yesterday (when I picked up the ear ointment for Lucky) and she said "that mean cat?". Oliver isn't mean, he's just misunderstood. He bites for attention, not to be mean. He did chase Mystie yesterday, though and I think he scratched her eye. I put ointment in it and it's doing better this morning.

The outfronts are doing well. They are spending more time over here. Even during the day. It's really nice. SpotTee is getting better. He's walking much better and is holding his tail better than he had been. We had to have little discussions with Repete, telling him to not pick on SpotTee, to not fight, that there's no reason for it. Brian had the conversation with him Saturday night and Repete obviously listened. I do like seeing them here. I know they are safer here than across the street. Not much can get to them if they're in the entry way.

Well, that's about all for now. I've got to take the first load from the washer and get it in the dryer. Then go out and wash windows.

Have a great day.

Replies: 4 comments

Sometimes we all need a break from "life". Take some time for yourself and relax. You are very deserving! I also meant to tell you that I absolutely LOVE the picture of Oliver in the previous entry. That is the cutest cat pic EVER! Love it! :)

Posted by Honest @ 05/06/2003 12:42 PM PDT

It would be so great if those candles would arrive right now. A bath , candles, and maybe inhaling (for old times sake), or a least a glass of wine.

Posted by Muffaluffagus @ 05/06/2003 08:58 PM PDT

Go back and read your diary entry... you are stressed out, tired, injured... so you.... DO LAUNDRY! WASH WINDOWS! for heaven's sake, laundry and windows can wait. Take a break, pet your kitties and RELAX you deserve it. :satisfied:

Posted by HollyK @ 05/07/2003 06:35 AM PDT

I agree with everyone else, housework can wait...draw a bath then pet the kitties and take a break! That Lucky sure is a fighter isn't she! Just remember you aren't alone in all your worry, we worry too! I think I'll take a break. :rolleyes:

Posted by Melanee @ 05/07/2003 01:45 PM PDT

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