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Tuesday, 10/07/2003 - 09:56 AM PDT
The topic: I'm worn out

Tuesday, October 7, 2003 I've been so busy cleaning house, I'm worn out right now. I can't be, I've still got stuff left to do. Not a lot, though. I should be finished by tomorrow evening. If I can keep going.

Last week, I got the kitchen done (except for the floors) and washed all of the china. Some of that stuff hadn't been washed since I put it up there, eighteen years ago! It took forever. Brian finally got all of the painting done in the dining room this weekend and got the new chandelier up. Yesterday, I washed the furniture in the family room (the back of his recliner was nasty with cat pee; I washed it thoroughly then sprayed a ton of Scotchguard on it last night). Then I scrubbed the tile floors in both the family room and dining rooms. When Brian got home, we put the cedar chest back where it was and he put the china closet back in the corner. He had to go get a plug that was flush against the wall so the cabinet didn't stick out so far. All I have left to do now is shampoo the sofa and loveseat in the living room, wash the covers, put the covers back on, scrub the cement and rinse it.

Saturday, I cleaned my bathroom and the bedroom. I used some of the Kaboom stuff in my tub and there were yellow streaks on the tub. It did an okay job on the faux marble, but the tub was a disaster. Since the tub has been refinished, I can't use harsh stuff like Comet, so I used Soft Scrub. I used so much and scrubbed so hard, that I wore out the skin on the back of a couple of my fingers. I've got little tiny scabs there now. I tried a number of things, even straight bleach without result. I finally put a liberal amount of SoftScrub on the tub, scrubbing it in and let it sit for a couple of hours. I rinsed it and the streaks were gone. The tub sure looks nice. I think I'd might take a bath in it when I'm done with all of the cleaning.

Then the only floors left will be the bedroom, hallways, kitchen and laundry room. And I'll do some dusting, then it will be all done. I should have at least a week to rest before the trip.

It's funny, this is my big yearly push for cleaning. Some people spring clean, I fall clean. I guess it's because the house is going to be closed up much of the time as the weather cools and it's much nice if it's not so nasty.

Of course, the cats don't care for the cleaning machines, but they sure seem to like the freshness of everything.

I think about OC a lot. I told Brian, the next kitten we rescue will be named OC. I don't care if it's an orange cat or not. The strangest thing happened Sunday when I was scrubbing screens. I heard a kitten. A very young kitten. I haven't heard it since. Later that day, Little Bit watched me intently when I was looking up on the bank to see if there was a young cat up there. I wonder why?

It's looking like my big bash at Disneyland won't be so big after all. Five people I thought would be there most likely won't. They can't afford it. Damned economy. But if its a choice of spending a couple of hundred dollars at Disneyland or making the mortgage payment or paying the utility bill, I can't say that Disneyland should come first. Well, the people I do know are going have been there the past four years or so. And if we decide to take a break, we won't feel so bad.

Well, it's time to get back to work.

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I really enjoy your diary. I have twelve cats and am wondering what you use to clean the cat pee. The stuff I have doesn't seem to be doing the job. I am having a terrible problem with three spraying males!!! All are neutered. Help!!

Posted by Mary @ 10/07/2003 02:45 PM PDT

Hey!! But 2 people you DIDN'T expect to make it to Disneyland, ARE!

so there....nyahh nyahh nyahh!

See you soon!

Posted by Chance's Mom @ 10/14/2003 01:46 PM PDT

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