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Monday, 10/27/2003 - 01:35 PM PDT
The topic: FIRE!

Monday, October 27, 2003 We're okay. I've got much to write and many pictures. But not right now. I'm too busy watching television.

As long as the cameras are running, you can rest assured, we are safe. More later. I don't know how much later, but more later.

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Many many prayers and best wishes flowing to you and your furry ones and all your neighbors.

Posted by Tik Tok @ 10/27/2003 04:45 PM PDT

I went on today to make sure the cameras were up, glad to see they were and that you and the animals appear to be safe. So sad for all affected by this. I can't take my eye off the coverage either. Wish I could go help all the furry ones misplaced.

Posted by Melanee @ 10/27/2003 05:15 PM PDT

Just checking in and concerned about how close the fires are to you. Prayers coming your way and to all in the area.

Posted by Evelyn Davis @ 10/27/2003 06:16 PM PDT

glad you are ok kept checking and no word shame on you we were worried prayers to all you and you loved ones be safe

Posted by bcatsrmine8 @ 10/27/2003 09:21 PM PDT

Been watching this with horror from here in the UK. Figured it must be close to your home and was so concerned for you, your loved ones and furry friends.Realised the cameras were running and I'm seeing this for real.Prayers to all of you, stay safe.

Posted by Maggie @ 10/28/2003 04:11 PM PDT

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