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Wednesday, 10/22/2003 - 10:53 AM PDT
The topic: Well, that's done...

Wednesday, October 22, 2003 We're home. And we had a pretty good time. Unfortunately, because so many of the attractions were closed for refurbishment, the crowds had less to crowd around. Big Thunder is down (remember the death earlier this year), Space Mountain has been dismantled for the majority of the year, undergoing a major overhaul (I understand the weight of the speakers they'd added to the old cars put too much stress on the old tracks and they're completely renovating the ride; it should be up sometime in 2004, I think, but I could be wrong). Splash Mountain was down, too. The subs haven't been running for years, there's still no replacement for the Rocket Rods which replaced the People Mover (bad move, I say, should have left People Mover in place). The park was crowded, crowded, crowded. And it was hot and very, very smoggy.

So smoggy that our first night there, when Brian opened our sliding door after Downtown Disney was closed for the night, that I had an almost immediate allergic reaction. Our room (great room, by the way) was on the ninth floor and both sides of my nose closed up, I could only breathe through my mouth. I started sneezing and my throat tightened up. This went on for about an hour until Brian figured it must be the air coming in from the door. He shut the door and my symptoms started clearing up. It was no fun at all.

I thought with my weight loss I'd be better able to handle the physicality of all the walking and such, but by the end of day three, my feet were aching and I was so damned tired. The idea of "home" was held close and lovingly. Brian said he's to a point now where three days is too much for us. I have to agree with him.

The cats seemed happy to have us home, but they were more happy to be outside. And we did have visitors while we were gone. Ants! The sitter used up almost an entire can of spray and threw out cereal and sugar. But the ants still came. I even found them in an unopened bag of cereal (which got thrown out). There were little piles of dead ants at the bottom of the freezer door. Ish. I even found them in my water. I don't know if they got there via the ice in the freezer, but right now, I'm only drinking straight water from the cooler, no ice. I hate ants. Really, really hate them.

I also did something to my back that makes it hard to sit for any length of time. And I can't lift my left leg very high. So, I'm trying to just take it easy and rest up.

Anyway, that's it for now. I'm going to go take some aspirin and relax. Hopefully relax that muscle more.

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I'll trade you a million of my box elder beetles for a million of your ants! :) OK?!?

Posted by Darlene @ 10/24/2003 10:19 AM PDT

Sorry to hear your trip was not as great as you were hoping, well there's always next time! :D

Posted by Donna B @ 10/24/2003 07:02 PM PDT

Sorry that your trip to Disneyland was disappointing! :( The last time we were there NONE of the good rides were open: Space Mtn., Pirates, Indiana Jones. And I was sad to see that the subs and the People Mover were gone, too.

Posted by alyssa @ 11/01/2003 01:37 PM PDT

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