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Saturday, 04/03/2004 - 11:18 AM PDT
The topic: Ho hum

Saturday, April 3, 2004 Life has been pretty ho hum lately. I've been really busy, but it's nothing extraordinary, not much to speak of. Last weekend Brian and I cleaned up all the limbs and branches from the front trees, this weekend we'll get the backyard done. There's not nearly as much there as there was out front. And if you check out the backyard camera, you might see us.

Of course, today, the cats have to stay in. We got up early, went to breakfast in Ramona, then went up to the property to get some stuff Brian needs. I'm really tired, almost numb. I think I might be a little depressed because yesterday was the second anniversary of Rusty's passing.

Ciara is doing a lot better. The few times I see her poop, her stool looks almost normal. And she's starting to bully the other cats again (a favorite target is Georgie). She's slowly putting on a little weight.

DeeJay spent the past twenty four hours in the exercise room, his choice. I straightened it up Monday and Tuesday and there's more room. It's a nice quiet little room, warm in the morning as the sun shines in the window. Right now, he's outside, but when he comes in, I wouldn't doubt he goes back in there. He's not bothered by the other cats (Ciara is the only other cat I let in and that's for the food).

Some of you might remember my ordeal with the chiming Mickey Watch back in 1999. I got a new battery and broke it trying to set the time? Sent the watch back to Lorus, they no longer made that model so they offered me a new watch? But they didn't have anything I liked at the time? Last year, I finally saw a couple of models I liked and got two? Well, just for the hell of it, I searched eBay for them a couple of weeks ago. Saw one. Went to eSnipe and put in an offer of $49.99. I told my mom, she said she'd put fifty dollars towards the price, so I raised my offer to $99.99. I got it for seventy six dollars. Get this. There was another one from a different seller up at the same time, but the auction closed five days later. It went for twenty six dollars. Argh. I shouldn't have looked, I shouldn't have looked, I shouldn't have looked! Anyway, the watch got here in two days, I figured out how to set it (that took five days as there were no instructions included) and now it's running nicely.

I started counting weight watcher points again yesterday. I've put on at least twelve pounds since last December. That's more than enough. I just don't have the willpower to count points in my head, I guess. It's so easy to forget about this nibble or that nibble. So, no more nibbling without counting it. Brian said this morning that the days he was taking off plans at the shop (impossible to do here with the cats and distractions), he was snacking on this big jar of animal crackers we had gotten at CostCo. He realized that as he munched, his energy level dropped. He threw out the crackers.

Well, I guess I'd better change into clothes more conducive to moving and bending and picking up pine needles and stuff.

Have a good weekend.

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I wasn't here for your watch escapade, but glad you got one you like. Am also very happy to hear about Ciara, bless her heart. I like your backyard view, it looks very nice. Thanks for the update.

Posted by Nancy @ 04/05/2004 08:27 AM PDT

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