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Monday, 04/12/2004 - 09:31 AM PDT
The topic: Is winter gone?

Monday, April 12, 2004 What a beautiful day we had yesterday. A really nice day. I didn't do a whole lot, made a couple of transfers (one for a shirt, one for a tote bag). Saturday, I tried my hand at making candles with soy wax. Ish. I most likely won't be using that too much in the future, although I've got two more pounds of it. It doesn't take a lot of scent and it doesn't slide out of the mold. But the instructions do say "for making container candles". Now I know what that means. Anyway, yesterday I scraped all of the wax out of the molds, remelted it and poured it into containers. (I bought some metal tins a couple of years ago when I thought I'd make my own candles instead of buying them. Also, the candles I was getting from Susie's Scents burned so hot, the glass containers would break, which was pretty dangerous.) Brian and I have both been really tired lately. And we both have sore backs from all of the work we did last weekend when we cleaned up all the tree limbs.

Brian spent most of the weekend working on equipment for the tractor over at his brother's house. When he got home Saturday, we went to CostCo and did a minimal amount of shopping. Yesterday, when he got home, he made his dinner, and said that he thought we should go to be early. There was nothing on television that grabbed our attention (I was watching TVLand when he got home; we just kept it there the rest of the night), we were both just really tired. So, I got the cats in pretty easily, except for Opie and he was being a real little brat. It took me close to fifteen minutes to get close enough to grab him. (The cats do this really annoying little play thing. They run a little, lay down and when you reach down to get them, they'll get up and run a little, lay down and just wait for you to bend down and make your move and when you do, they're off again. And look at you as if to say "mom! isn't this a funfun game?" Mom thinks not.)

Anyway, got him in, did a head count. I took two excedrin PMs, Brian took three. We were both sound asleep by nine last night. And we didn't go walking this morning, just kept sleeping. It was really nice.

We finally watched Finding Nemo Saturday night. I really like it, it was pretty cute. "Just keep swimming, keep swimming, swimming...."

Oh, my hand is no longer sore from Oliver's bite. And he's calmed down since that day. I think he was just sore from overdoing the day before he got me. I know that many of you were concerned and I thank you for that. I've got an awesome immune system, I've been pretty fortunate. I've seen when a bite goes bad (Lonee got Brian years back, I'm sure it's somewhere in the diary) and his hand started to swell immediately. When he was in the bathroom, standing over the sink, hand pumping blood (we think Lonee got a vein), the vet called (I had been concerned about Lonee's breathing and Brian tried to catch her without gloves on and got bit in the process...I had a call in to the vet because of her rapid breathing). He said if Lonee could run like she was, she wasn't in any immediate danger. As for Brian, the vet told me what he would do, if it were him. We did what he said he would do and it took a couple of weeks without medical intervention, but Brian did get better (he did take antibiotics). Well, I never had any of the symptoms Brian had so I think I'll be okay.

I did a little dumbf*ck thing Saturday. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I go outside to check on Little Bit. I see one of her kittens on the bank. I stupidly wondered what she was doing, then I stupidly picked up said little darling adorable tortie (which I don't know if that's correct; their colors aren't brushed like Pepper, Lola and Lucky's were, but they're more large patches of color on black) and stupidly took said kitten over to Little Bit's nest. Of course she went ballistic. I knew I had to put the kitten down. So, I did, gently, doing my best to keep my distance from Little Bit. I backed up slowly. She sniffed at the kitten and grabbed her. She tried the neck, head, belly, legs and she finally got a good enough hold in the kit and took it back up to the bank. Scared spitless (and kicking myself for being so enormously stupid) I left a message on a messageboard, then found Fud's phone number in L.A. (she being one of our Disney friends) and called her. She reassured me, said as long as the mother can find the kitten, she won't abandon the kitten. And when I got off of the phone with her and checked the nest by the house, there was only one kitten left. So, it came to me in a flash of understanding that Little Bit was moving her nest. Which I kind of expected all along which is why it was such a stupid thing for me to do, picking up that kitten. Little Bit found a nice little quiet spot on the bank, under a palm leaf. It was situated so that when the sprinklers came on that night, they wouldn't get wet.

Later that afternoon, I looked out at her and she was snuggled on the bank with KittyMeeze, the kittens not two feet away from her. And he was grooming her. She completely trusts him. And yesterday, she'd moved the kittens yet again, up to the cathouse. A good place. There's only one way in and she can see it from just about anywhere in our yard. This morning, she was eating and I saw SpotTee going up to the house and I went outside and shooed him away from the door. I've heard of tomcats killing litters to bring the queen back into heat. I don't want that happening here. He doesn't usually hang around in the day, so I think we're safe.

I went to the bank Friday and just about cleanout out our equity accounts to pay some pressing, immediate bills, like insurance and utilities (both business and residential). I also got some coin wrappers, to start wrapping out some of all of that change we've been saving. I sure wish some of those jobs Brian spent a week or so bidding out would start coming in. I know we'll have money, I just hate the lean time in between jobs. I do wish we were better at budgeting. I used to be a lot better at it when I was single.

Well, time to go do some housework. Haven't really done much the past week because of my back, but I just can't stand it anymore. I have to do something about all the dust and fur piling up in the corners. That's one great thing about tile. You know when it's time to clean. *lol*

Replies: 3 comments

I love your entries, Lisa. And I can just picture the baby torties, awww. Glad Oliver's bite is healing. Do you have a picture of Little Bit and Kitty Meeze? Hope you are rested. I was the same on the weekend, pooped, just pooped.

Posted by Nancy @ 04/12/2004 01:31 PM PDT

Thanks for letting us know the bite is healing fine, good news! Glad the kittens are well too.

Posted by Melanee @ 04/12/2004 06:18 PM PDT

When my tortie, Maggie, was a kitten she looked like a burn victim. That's the only way I could describe her. Now she's so silky and loving. I'm so glad you're having help with the kittens and getting them home ands and getting Mom "fixed"!

Posted by Lisa @ 04/15/2004 02:15 PM PDT

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