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Friday, 04/09/2004 - 10:01 AM PDT
The topic: Okay, I know, it's been a while...

Friday, April 9, 2004 I've been busy doing a bunch of boring stuff. Paperwork, laundry, the usual.

I don't know how much I can type this morning because darling Oliver put a considerable puncture in my right hand, between my thumb and index finger. It's getting sore. Yesterday, he was really rambunctious, running around the yard, jumping up on the doghouse, and chasing bugs. I think he overdid it. He's spent the past few months sleeping on the sofa in the family room. Last night, he tried to make me his bitch. *lol* Ollie was on the back of the sofa, behind me. I started talking to Brian and Oliver started his vocalization and came over to me, ready to make his move (he likes to hold my head in his paws and bite at my hair/head). I stopped him from doing it twice. He finally just laid down and went back to sleep.

Well, anyway, this morning, I got up around four to open the office door and let the cats out. Then I went back to bed. Oliver was in my spot. I didn't move him, like I should have, but I moved farther into the bed and put my arm around him and started nuzzling him. I guess I must have hit a sore spot, because he went a little crazy. I was trying to keep him away with my right hand and he bit it. I ended up pushing him out of the bed, where he was walking back and forth, looking up at the bed. I know he wanted to get up there and finish what he started. I ended up chasing him into the hallway (hand bleeding profusely) and he went after Mickey, who was standing in the guest bathroom doorway. I was able to get Oliver away from Mickey, then put my hand behind Oliver's ears and navigated/walked him out the office door. Which I closed behind him. I swear that cat has the jaw span of a big rattlesnake. The wounds are about three inches apart. The top canines just scraped the skin, but the bottom canines went in. It bled for quite a while, which I let happen. I held a dry washcloth to it and went back into the bedroom. When I got out of bed fifteen minutes later, and moved my hand, it started bleeding again. Brian put a bandaid on it, which helped stop the bleeding. But it's starting to get sore. At least it's not swelling up.

Remember my comment about DeeJay spending the day in the exercise room last week? He hasn't done it since. But something is happening to him which is making me look at his stay in that room in a different light. You might recall my discussion about Rusty's ears. How certain sounds made them twitch and how, eventually, certain repeated staccato sounds would bring on a seizure (like a breeze through a window causing the blinds to bump against one another). Well, I thought it was odd that DeeJay's eyes were dilated that day, I put it off to the Elavil I'd given him that morning. But after watching his ears, I started to think that maybe DeeJay is having seizures. I haven't seen one yet, but the signs are just too similar to Rusty. Crud.

I think Ciara is just about all better. She's still getting prednisone, I'll do what the vet said. But I think next month, I'll take her in for another check up to see how long she needs to be on the steroid.

Oh! Oh! Oh! Sunday morning, I went outside to get the paper and I heard a little cat meow. I went to check it out. It was coming from under our bedroom window. It was Little Bit. She was having kittens! I didn't look too long, I didn't want to scare her. Later, Brian looked and told me he saw four torties. Torties! Girls! Argh! Anyway, she's still there and she seems to be doing fine. Only, there aren't four kittens. There are five. And four are tortie and one is black. I hope she doesn't move them. When we got back from our walk this morning, I saw her up the street. But she was back within five minutes. Maybe she was going potty.

Wednesday morning, her growling woke us up (nice thing about having her there). I got out of bed, threw on a robe and was out the door. Brian was right behind me. He had grabbed the bat, but no other clothes. He was standing in the entryway in his underwear and I told him to get back in the house. I chased two raccoons down the street. I'm wondering if that's what happened to the kittens she brought over here the last time, the ones she put in the cathouse on the bank. They weren't even there for twenty four hours before something got them.

Of course, we start worrying about what we're going to do. We don't really need five more cats in the house (although I really love kittens). I mentioned it on a forum and guess what? A couple of our Disney friends (Fud and Jennifer) do cat rescue in the LA area and Jen offered to take the kittens. She said she wanted them around 6 or 7 weeks old, so she could "properly fondle" them and get them ready for adoption. Kewl! And they're going to help us get Little Bit contained and get her fixed.

The yard looks a lot better with all the branches, limbs, leaves and needles gone. Took us all day Saturday and most of Sunday. Doing the liquid amber was a lot harder than the pine trees, even though there wasn't nearly as much of it to get rid of. It was the untangling, dragging and walking that got to me. Boy, did my butt hurt Monday. We're hoping that by the next time these trees need to be cut back, that we're living up at the property and they're not our problem any more.

Well, my hand is starting to throb, I think I'll give it a rest.

Replies: 5 comments

Sounds like you got a good puncture from Oliver. Please get yourself on an antibiotic. That really is standard procedure. Don't wait for signs of infection.
I know this from personal experience!!!!

Posted by Stacy @ 04/09/2004 01:34 PM PDT

Oh boy Kittens!!! I wish I could see them, how cute they must be!
Yeah, I second the opinion of the cat bite. That scares me soooo much, please get it looked at ASAP! I'll be worried till I hear something....

Posted by Melanee @ 04/09/2004 02:53 PM PDT

Please, please get some medical treatment for the cat bite! My mother once got a serious infection from one.

Posted by Trudy @ 04/10/2004 06:06 AM PDT

Two years ago I ended up in the ER at 5 in the morning hooked up to an antibiotic IV and a tetanus shot from a bad bite like yours. Be careful!

Posted by Peggy @ 04/10/2004 06:16 PM PDT

I agree on the bit. Look at what happened to Sweetie Pie, she got a horrible abcess! I wish I could see those kittens. LOL wondering why you said, "ACK torties." I bet they are adorable. Why is DeeJay on elavil? I'm so glad Ciara is better.

Posted by Nancy @ 04/12/2004 06:42 AM PDT

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