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Sunday, 01/30/2005 - 08:55 PM PDT
The topic: Innova cat food as a treat

Sunday, January 30, 2005 (Oh, an even day! I've started giving Ciara her prednisone on even days, it's easier than trying to remember every other day. She still needs her today pill.)

It was a pretty nice day, after it was so freaking cold this morning. Even KittyMeeze wasn't here when I put out his breakfast about 5:30 this morning. It was gone at 7:30, so he did come around, but I think maybe he was curled up somewhere, keeping warm with Carla. (I took a picture of him yesterday, it's up over on the Petscape portion of the album.)

Anyway, we really needed to do a little shopping. For one thing, the forty pounds of Felidae Brian bought last Saturday was about gone. Out of the three feeders we have in the house, the big one was about half full (it holds maybe ten pounds), the other two were empty. The cats are going through a lot of food. I know that's normal in winter, but, gee whiz, they're inhaling this stuff. Anyway, first we went to Trader Joe's, looking for the holistic food we've gotten in the past and used as treats. There was none to be found. So, when we hit the pet store in Santee, to get more Felidae, I picked up a three pound bag of Innova. This store has something I've not seen before and that's little bags with samples in them, so you can see what you're getting. I liked the way the Innova looked, dark and rich and nice sized kibble. Treat sized. So, I got a three pound bag of that and it's a hit! I like to have something special for DeeJay after I shove those 18 gauge needles and push 120CC of fluids into him. He's such a trooper about it, I think he deserves a reward. Of course, there's usually about fifty-nine thousand other cats clamoring for treats, too. Tonight, Mickey jumped down from the sewing machine cabinet/heated bed and it was perfect timing, because I put DeeJay up there with some Innova kibble. Yummy.

My back isn't hurting any longer. I wonder what I did to it. Maybe twisting weirdly in bed to get away from a cat or two (or four or five). I know that getting out of bed can be awkward sometimes. Don't want to bother the cats, you know. Especially when it's DeeJay. He can be so cranky.

It's late and I have to get the rest of the cats in. I like it when they come to me, but last night, Benny decided he was going to be difficult. There's no way I'm gonna put on socks and shoes and the later it gets, the wetter and colder the grass gets. My feet are like ice blocks by the time I get all of the cats in. Gracie can open the cat door when it's set to in only and she'll go out at night and sleep in the big doghouse. So, I have to drag her out when I'm getting ready to lock them all in. I hate crawling in that thing.

Well, guess I'll go do it now. Get the rest of them in. I sure wish they'd all come running when I called them.

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Hello! Just checking in after a long time.

Glad to hear DeeJay is still with you.

Shannon Poe (cat lover)

Posted by shannon @ 02/05/2005 12:47 PM PDT

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