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Friday, 01/14/2005 - 12:16 PM PDT
The topic: I hate it when...

Friday, January 14, 2005 I hate it when pop stars pop up with the same names as one of the cats. Case in point: Ciara.

Now, I have no idea who this pop idol who is loved by girls who've yet to grow a pubic hair, nor do I care who this pop idol is. I have absolutely no interest whatsoever. But I am extremely irritated by the little girls who send their loving messages to their Ciara via my email or guestbook. And I think why it irritates me so very much is the only way to get to my email form or a guestbook to leave a message for Ciara, is via Ciara's page. And if you read Ciara's page, it's obvious that Ciara is a cat. I've even had some child's mother leave messages about how much her child loved my singing. For spit's sake, my Ciara is a cat! What a bunch of f*cking morons. I swear. I'm tempted to make up an autoresponse along the lines of "I spoke to Ciara and she said she thinks you and your friends are really stupid and to leave her alone. She hates little girls, she thinks they're nothing more than pests. Now go play with your baby dolls."

Does this look like a pop star? Not to me. She looks like an adorable, feisty little cat.

I found my first kitten tooth of the youngest cats yesterday. It's a canine. Of course, I'm always looking now. I'm sure they've lost a few that I'll never find. Most kitten teeth are swallowed and there's no way in hell I'll dig through multiple piles of poop. No way. I did look in Phoebe's mouth and noticed the loss of a molar. Phoebe has this little habit that I sincerely hope she grows out of. She sticks her butt in my face. Now, I've seen her do this with the other cats, sticking her butt in their faces. They do the sniffing thing, the little licky tasty cat thing and she purrs and kneads her front paws and thoroughly enjoys the attention her butt is getting. But I refuse to do the cat licky tasty thing. And she doesn't seem to understand this. No matter how many times I push her away, she always comes back and puts her butt in my face. I've never had a cat do this. I could have lived the rest of my life happily never having had this happen. Silly little girl.

Phoebe on the heating pad

Earlier this week, when I was feeding the cats, I thought it would be nice if I took a picture. It's been a while since I had and I counted well over twenty cats. But by the time I got back with the camera (next time, I'll be ready), many cats had already left the garage. I guess they weren't thrilled with the menu.

By the way, if you're counting, leave a comment and I'll let you know if you're right.

Last night, there was something obviously wrong with Opie's right eye. He kept it closed and when he tried to open it, it was uncomfortable. He kept running from me and I wasn't able to get the eye ointment in it. I waited a few hours until he was resting and then I snuck up on him and got the stuff in his eye. He got some this morning and tonight, it's looking just a little bit better. He's really an aggressive guy, so I wouldn't doubt he got a warning smack from someone, then got a for real smack. He's not really good at reading people or cats.

I've been having a really hard time with DeeJay's fluids. There's something wrong with the needles. I think the manufacturer went to a cheaper grade of metal. They get dulled just drawing the fluids from the bag. I noticed a difference this last box that I got. At first, I didn't think it was the needles, just that DeeJay was fighting me. But after trying to stick him repeatedly without any luck, I tried using three needles. One for each syringe and one to draw the fluids into the syringes. I have to admit, administering the fluids to DeeJay was a lot smoother with the fresh needles. I use new needles every time, I always have, but I don't think I'll be using the needle that I draw the fluids to administer the fluids.

Kirby has really pink urine again. I wonder if he has stones. He's got a good volume of urine, so it's probably just something irritating his bladder. Like stones.

Kirby this afternoon

I got a notice last year that I was to go in for jury duty. The last time I went in, Pepper was put to sleep that afternoon. Bad memories. I called today to postpone it from next Wednesday to a future date. I had to choose a day between six weeks from now up to six months from now. I chose a day in May.

I've been taking the occasional picture of the cats, took a bunch today. I took some of the kittens and I caught two of them climbing into the doghouse on the bank. I thought this was really cute of them.

I don't know what's been going on with the cats this week, maybe it's the cold or maybe they're just feeling a little insecure, but damn, they all want to be held. That wouldn't be so bad, but they want to be held at the same time and that can make life pretty interesting when human skin is involved. Not all the cats want to share. I've been at the computer a couple of times, kicking back in my chair, when Ciara jumps up and settles down in my lap. The Mystie will climb up on my shoulder and it's almost impossible for me to move. By the time I have to get up, I'm stiff as a board. Then there's the vying for the best spots in bed. Mickey doesn't like to move over, he thinks he's king of the bed and he won't hesitate to slap out at any cat who invades his personal space. It can get pretty hairy.

If you're interested in reading more cat blogs and seeing more cat pictures, be sure to check out the the carnival of the cats, starting Sunday afternoon.

Replies: 12 comments

ROFLOL! I knew there were STUPID people in this world, but that story about Ciara's page takes the cake! :laugh:

Posted by Terry @ 01/14/2005 04:14 PM PDT

Are there 16 furbabys??? bcat

Posted by bcatsrmine8 @ 01/14/2005 11:22 PM PDT

I think there are 17, (part of one in the front right corner?)

Posted by Melanee @ 01/15/2005 04:37 PM PDT

When Phoebe sticks her tushie in your face, try patting her on the hip. This worked for me on one of my kitties!

Posted by Trudy @ 01/15/2005 08:38 PM PDT

I counted sixteen cats.

Ciara is gorgeous. Birman?

Posted by Rahel @ 01/17/2005 01:09 AM PDT

There are 16 cats. :)

Trudy, I'll try that next time she lets me have a sniff.

Rahel, we aren't sure what her breed is. Somebody dumped her. The first part of her story is here. Her breathing problem turned out to be a polyp. You can read about what the vet did on the July 28 entry. Previous entries reminded me of how bad she sounded then. Killer is, last year she got inflammatory bowel diseease and is on prednisone, which supresses her immune system. Last year, she also got a cold that wouldn't go away. Seems it's a herpes virus. And she's been noisy ever since, even with the administering of l-lysine. *sigh* But she's a real sweetheart.

Posted by lisaviolet @ 01/17/2005 06:21 AM PDT

I counted 16 too. Ciara is such a beautiful little girl.

Posted by Terry @ 01/18/2005 09:22 PM PDT

I had a cat that did Phoebe's trick. Just blow on her butt and she'll move it. After you do that 2 or 3 times, she'll stop presenting, because that's NOT what she wants.

Posted by Eric @ 01/20/2005 11:54 AM PDT

:blush: Well, I looked and see either 16 or 17 kitties in the picture, so how many are there?

Posted by Mary Kay @ 01/21/2005 08:53 AM PDT

we love looking at your site when our human is on the computer :) unfortunately we can't view the photos that are posted with this entry -- any ideas? meow and thanks

Posted by Nuke & Clarice @ 01/22/2005 04:16 PM PDT

I don't know why you'd have a problem. You can see these pictures (and more) in my album, though.

2005 entries in the family album. (If you click on the "Albums" link at the top, next to "dear diary", it will take you to the main album menu.)

That should work for you.

Posted by lisaviolet @ 01/22/2005 04:58 PM PDT

Looking at the tabby and black cat in back, by the green tub (with a black cat on it).. is that Phoebe doing her thing to the tabby? :P
I counted 16 cats. Great picture!!

Posted by Bobbie @ 02/06/2005 07:11 AM PDT

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