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cat stuff
Tuesday, 10/04/2005 - 01:57 PM PDT
The topic: I am so stinking


I've been cleaning since mid September. I now have one, just one major labor intensive thing to do. And that's wash the office floor (if you look at the catcam right now, you'll see the chair is out of whack). And once this is done, the big stuff be done.

Yeah, I'll have to vacuum and dust again, but nowhere near what I've already done.

  • The linen closets have been straightened out

  • The worst of the kitchen cupboards has been straightened out

  • My bathroom has been cleaned, including the mirror

  • The floors have all been washed, from the laundry room to the office

  • The windows, doors and screens are all clean

  • The ceiling fans are clean

  • I finally got some DVD holders for the DVDs stacked on the entertainment center; they're now nice and neat and in alphabetical order

  • Garage is vacuumed

  • Furniture has been shampooed

  • My cat curio cabinet has been cleaned, glass and mirrors sparkling, as well as all of the kitties that reside within; the crystal looks awesome in the light
  • After I wash the floor in here, I think I'll take a shower, then a nice long nap. I deserve it.

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    OK, I had to find some of those Eurow towels, Costco didn't seem to have them here in Salem OR, so I ordered some online. I am looking forward to using them. I hope I can get some of that cleaning energy you've been using lately, I need it.

    Posted by May Ellen @ 10/06/2005 12:21 PM PDT

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