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Sunday, 11/20/2005 - 06:19 AM PDT
The topic: Help in the kitchen

I've mentioned in the past the vast amount of kittycats who supervise when I make Brian's lunch. This is especially so when the sandwich contains some sort of protein product other than peanut butter. You know, like roast beef, turkey, or tuna.

I've also mentioned how poorly Handsome had been feeling the previous month until I wised up and got him some real medication from the vet. And how he started perking up a couple of days after he started getting it.

Handsome is the most aggressive of all of the supervisors. He makes it abundantly clear that he wants to make sure that Brian is getting the best lunch I can make. He even demands to test the protein source from which the meat in the sandwich comes, as you can see for yourself in this little home movie I made (if you have a problem viewing this movie using Internet Explorer, try viewing it using Netscape; I made it with the latest version of Apple's QuickTime and it seems there's a bug in the software).

When I showed this to Brian, he expressed concern for my fingers. Not to worry. I know when to let go.


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ha, he really snagged that ham! So good to see Handsome feeling better.

Posted by PJ @ 11/21/2005 06:22 PM PDT

Yikes! He sure loves his quality control job, doesn't he?? (LOL!) I'm so glad he is feeling better! big grin

Posted by Mary @ 11/22/2005 11:48 AM PDT

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