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Saturday, 02/15/2003 - 12:23 PM PDT
The topic: Man, I can't drink anymore.

Saturday, February 15, 2003 I just can't drink any more. We went out to dinner last night, the Claim Jumper in La Mesa. It was our first Valentine dinner out, ever. I usually make something, like spagetti, because it's red. Anyway, we used the gift card that Brian got for petsitting Chuck's dogs last year (had to add to it) and dinner was very good. We'd decide before we went that we weren't going to have any alcoholic beverages, which got shot to hell when we found there could be a forty-five minutes to an hour wait. We hit the saloon and each had two margaritas. And an appetizer. Fried zucchini. Brian was like "oh, come on, we don't go out that often...."

I could feel the first drink from the second sip. Fortunately, the wait was only a half hour. We're also happy we went early (we got there at four pm) because the later it got, the longer the wait, for those without reservations. When we left, I think the wait was three hours for dinner. No way! Anyway, when we were seated for dinner, we started drinking coffee. All of those diuretics. I must have had to pee at least five different times before we left the restaurant. Brian had filet mignon and I had prime rib. And I got horseradish. Holy smokes, I like the way that feels when it hits my nose. It's not often that there is a distinct physical reaction to a sauce, but that horseradish does it. There was so much food that we decided next time we go, we'll split a meal. I'm really tired today and I think I can attribute some of that to the margaritas.

I got this cool new little chat thingy. You can chat with others surfing the cathouse, if they have it enabled. Just click on the little "live chat" button at the bottom of the page. I initially put it up for the camera pages (although I don't have it installed on all website pages just yet) and I figured I'd put it on all pages, just because I can. I think it might be fun. No registration, just type in a nickname and your message.

Annie had a most excellent checkup yesterday. She's put on a pound, nine ounces in weeks short of a year (she had gone from 11.01 to 8.12, yesterday she weighed 10.03). The vet checked her teeth and said he was amazed at how healthy she is for her age (fifteen years). As for the problem I brought her in for, the clumping pee, he said she'll most likely just have to stay on the amitriptyline for life because she's stressed so easily. Although he couldn't get any urine out of her (she peed on the towel on the way over, so there was nothing to get) he said we'll try a round of antibiotics, just in case she has an infection, although most of these types of problems are sterile.

The vet was also very apologetic for Boney. I could tell he's gone over it quite a bit in his mind. He said that he just couldn't understand how Boney could look so good the Wednesday I first brought him in and gone downhill so quickly. He said that Boney was obviously much worse off than he acted. More damage to the heart than the vet could tell, just from Boney's attitude. I told the vet it was okay, that Boney was an old cat. And he said "yes, but he was such a nice cat, you hate to see them go". I find myself missing Boney the most in the morning when I'm splitting up the chicken. I'm fresh out of bed, it's dark and I keep expecting him to walk around the counter into the kitchen. I've even asked the other cats "where's Boney?" when it dawns on me that he's gone.

DeeJay had a bad week which scared me, coming so close on the heels of Boney's demise. I was off a day on giving him his fluids. Remember my mentioning him puking so much on the loveseat? Well, he puked again on Thursday morning. I'd given him fluids Wednesday night and thought he was okay. But all day Thursday, he walked around, not being comfortable at all. Thursday night, he was all hunched up on one of the big pillows and I reached down and did the hydration test on the back of his neck. The pinch stayed up, a sign that he's dehydrated. So, I gave him fluids again Thursday night. He was feeling better yesterday morning. I'm thinking about investing in one of those electric pet heating pads for him, since I don't think he generates much heat of his own, which the self-heating pads need. There are electric pads that only come on when pressure is applied to them instead of being on all the time. I think that would be a good thing for DeeJay to have.

One of the things I think may have upset his system was the rain we had. I found him more than once on the patio, lapping at the concrete. *sigh* That can't be good for him. And he isn't drinking his probiotics like he had been, either. I know those were a big help.

Brian put the new lamp fixtures on the fans and they look so nice. Today, he wants to pull up the carpet here in the office. I'm going to need to move boxes and other storage media. It's sure going to be nice not having this stinky carpet in here anymore.

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Do you feed the cats chicken every morning? Do you feed them kibbles?
Speaking of moving boxes, did you ever find that cord?

Posted by Bobbie @ 02/15/2003 04:56 PM PDT

Oh Oh!Licking ciment, concrete etc is often a sign of a CRF cat, it often indicates anemia--determined through PCV level.The throwing up is often helped by giving 1/4 tab of Pepcid-AC, although some kitties do better with slippery elm.

Posted by Susanne @ 02/15/2003 11:53 PM PDT

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