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Monday, 02/24/2003 - 10:23 PM PDT
The topic: I'm worried sick right now.

Monday, February 24, 2003: 10:16pm I'm worried sick right now. When I started to get the cats in, around 7:30 tonight, I couldn't find Kirby. Brian thought he'd seen him on the bed, but it turned out to be Georgie curled up. From the back, you don't see any white on George. I think he's out of the yard again. Around 8:30 I went over to the neighbor's house and they let me go into their backyard. I couldn't see anything in the yard behind them because of some vines on the fence. I also scratched my eye on one of the twigs.

Brian asked when I saw him last and it was this afternoon, climbing into the lime tree from the cathouse underneath it.

It's starting to rain. It's supposed to be heavy at times tonight. I guess that's good to keep dogs away from Kirby, but it will also keep Kirby from trying to get home. I'm really worried.

Please say a prayer for my Kirbs. Thanks. I'm going back outside now, to see if I can hear him or see him.

Update: Tuesday, February 25, 2003: 12:43 AM He came through the cat door at about 12:22 AM. I was dozing on the sofa, had a window open so I could hear the cat door. At first, I thought it was a cat up in the window, but when I checked, no cat. So I went into the garage and Kirby had just come in.

One of the things I did earlier to see if he was in the house was shake the catnip bag and sprinkled some over the garage floor. Kirby is a real niphead. I even took the bag outside and shook it with no luck. Anyway, the first thing Kirby does is lay down and roll around in the nip. Then he let me pet him. He's happy. He's really happy. He's purring and he ate. I did see a patch on one of his back legs that looks like the fur was pulled out, like maybe it got caught when he was crawling under something, but there's no wound.

I'm thinking he was in the yard kitty corner to ours because their dog had been barking a bunch. I went to our immediate neighbors to see if I could go into their backyard and on my way over, I talked to the woman who lives on the other side of them, who was out walking her dog. She said that Oreo (the dog in the yard kitty corner to us) has a very distinctive "I see a cat" bark and s/he'd been barking that bark since about 4:30, a time when I was gone to the bank. Anyway, I think that's where Kirby was. They finally brought the dog in because it wouldn't shut up (maybe it stays in at night). That was about three hours ago.

We're supposed to be getting this humongous rain storm tonight, calls for "heavy at times" but so far, thank Bast, there's only been a few sprinkles. Kirby was bone dry.

He sure seems pleased with himself. I wish I was.

I did wake Brian up to let him know Kirby was home.

I just took an antacid because my stomach is so upset and I'm going to go take some Excedrin PM now so that I can sleep. I'm just so relieved that Kirby is home safe and sound. I kept having these horrible visions of him hurt in a yard with a dog (think Hollywood) and there was nothing I could do to help him. He's really lucky he didn't go into the yard behind us.

Now, the fun thing will be to see where and how he's getting out. This is going to be really hard because Kirby has never tried to escape before. Now twice within a month. The first time, we thought he got out through Brian's carelessness. Now, I'm not so sure. Kirby is nine years old. It seems kind of late to start getting that wunderlust.


Thanks for all of your support. I'm sure the prayers helped get him home. I was sure saying quite a few. I'm going to go take a couple of pills, then head off to bed. And Kirby? Kirby is grounded. For life.

Replies: 7 comments

Oh saying a prayer for Kirby right now! :(
ill be checking this site today regularly to see if little Kirby is back yet.

Thinking of you!

Posted by Thea Haven @ 02/24/2003 10:53 PM PDT

He's home! It's almost a quarter to one right now. He came in about twenty minutes ago. He looks fine and he's happy. More in the diary. Thank you!

Posted by lisaviolet @ 02/25/2003 12:41 AM PDT

:hehe: That silly Kirby. You need to have a talk with him that he isn't allowed to scare mom like that anymore! Gounded for life, now that it is funny! LOL
Glad he's home safe and sound... My cats loved catnip also. I no longer have them though. :(

Posted by Honest @ 02/25/2003 06:29 AM PDT

Oh dear Kirby! Why do you guys do this to your mommy. My Mouser does this to me about every 4 months. It's so hard to sleep or eat when one kitty is missing. Hope you find his way out.

Posted by Darlene @ 02/25/2003 11:57 AM PDT

I'm so glad that Kirby is home safe and sound!

Posted by Sharlene @ 02/25/2003 12:58 PM PDT

Doesn't that drive you nuts when they disappear like that :crazy:
My 3 come and go as they please but I call them in at night and if I can't find them it's hard to sleep. They tend to just hide under a bush and just look at me calling for them! :lau

Posted by Melanee @ 02/25/2003 02:09 PM PDT

So, Kirby has become an escape artist :cool: Bad kitty, bad bad kitty! :angry: Mine go out on a leash, slip the collar once in a while and stand there looking confused :crazy: So glad he made it home o.k. :D

Posted by Donna @ 02/25/2003 06:34 PM PDT

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