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Wednesday, 02/19/2003 - 10:35 AM PDT
The topic: It hasn't been good

Wednesday, February 19, 2003 It hasn't been good, but it hasn't been bad, either. Just lots of little things. Like getting a fax this morning saying the company's application for liability had been turned down. After being told last week that we were insured, that it was in effect on the 7th. One of the guys who has a shop by Brian's mentioned Fireman's Fund. Well, I'd called on of their agents in January and he never called me back, so we went through an contractor's agent we found online. Now this. Crap. I page Brian, tell him the bad news. He calls me back, says to try Fireman's Fund again. I go to their website (of course, they do have a website with agent listings, but they aren't up to date at all) and it was no help, I call the number and was referred to another number. Who referred me to another number. Who referred me to a couple of other numbers, actual agents. The first one I called wasn't answering the phone yet. They start answering at 8:30. I look at my system clock. 8:30. On to the next one. I got my long sad story out, one I'd been polishing since the first call I made this morning, and the woman was a quiet when I'd finished. "We only do lawyers' liability." I just started laughing. What else could I do? I'd been on the phone for over a half hour at this point, writing down numbers and calling them. I called a second referral number and was sent to voice mail. I didn't want to leave a message, I wanted to speak to a real live person right now. I called the third number I was given. The woman who answered the phone listened to my tail of woe and when I asked "do you carry liability for small companies like ours?" she said "I'm checking on it" and put me on hold. She came back shortly and transferred me to a real live person, who helped me out immensely. I told him everything and he asked me some questions, I answered to the best of my ability and he's checking stuff out right now. If he's able to help, I sure hope we can get our $550 back from the online broker.

I haven't seen Little Bit since Monday morning. I'm worried. Because Monday night, late Monday night, we had two new cats in front of the house. A short haired tuxedo and a medium haired tuxedo. And I also realized that Repete is in all likelihood, a female. As long as she's been around, I've never seen her pregnant (she's been around a few years now). But these two boys were after her. And SpotTee took exception to it. He kept chasing them off. Monday night, Brian couldn't get back to sleep with all of the caterwauling. Last night, it was my turn. At one point I got out of bed and pushed the "manual" button on the front sprinklers. I figured that might slow them down a bit. And it did. This morning when we left for our walk, we saw the two new cats as well as little Repete. At this time, the newcomers are gone and it's just Repete, OC, KittyMeeze and SpotTee out front. Angus was here early this morning. It's really kind of sweet, the mating dance between Repete and SpotTee. She keeps him in her sight, will roll over and trill at him from a distance. Yesterday, he just laid on the rock in the front yard, sunning himself, looking regal. And she was in the neighbor's yard (the yeller), stretched out, looking up at him, keeping him in her sight.

And today, I have to start making phone calls, looking for low cost spay/neuter. I threw away all of the information I got last year after we found MeeToo's remains.

Speaking of coyotes (have I ever mentioned how much I loathe/hate them? I do, you know, I really do; I haven't heard them calling in months and I don't miss it at all), the one in the park where my mom lives was trapped last week. They used leghold traps, but these were coated in rubber, they supposedly don't do damage like the ones with teeth do (Animal Control set them). The coyote was seriously ill and was euthanized on the spot. I think if he'd been healthy, they'd have relocated him.

The vet's office called last night. Boney's remains are in. *sigh* There are certain times of the day I really miss him. I miss hearing him yowwing at me to come feed him in the bathroom. I miss hearing him yowwing at me through the closed bathroom door that he's done eating, thank you very much, now let me out. I miss him in the morning when I feed the cats their chicken. I've even found myself going in search of him to see if he's okay. *deeper sigh* A close relationship of twenty years isn't that easily dismissed, it would seem. I miss him like crazy. I miss carrying him around and holding him close and feeling his purr against my chest. He had an awesome purr. *tearing up*

I found out that I can't access the internet using my dial-up connection if I'm using my cable modem. :cussing So, I cancelled my dial-up and went legit with my two computer connection on the cable modem. Having two computers is about $7.00 more a month. My dial-up was $10.00, so I'm saving money. Brian didn't understand why I went legit, but I kind of figured if I had any problems, it would go more smoothly if I was already paying for what I'm getting, you know?

Annie is happy, I think. She dribbled yesterday while she was sleeping, which kind of surprised me, but she's not straining to pee now. She's such a sweetheart. I took this last night while Brian was finishing up some paperwork.

Doesn't she look so relaxed?

I got an email yesterday from a fella who was saying that for about two weeks now, he's not been able to access the live feeds on the cameras, that it never loads up. I did some research and found that the address that was being uploaded to my websites was my private internet settings. So, I changed the code since I have a static IP address and now they're working. I would have never known.

That's all for now, I guess.

Update: 4:12 Well, waddya know? Repete is a boy. And how do I know this? Because Little Bit is back! And Little Bit is the female. And Little Bit has all the boys hanging around her. I saw her earlier on the steps by the mailbox. I saw KittyMeeze and he was trying to do the deed. That's okay, because he was neutered last year (or was it the year before? whenever, I know he's fixed). I also saw SpotTee. For the past three hours, Repete, SpotTee and Little Bit have been hanging out under the Mustang. I called the vet's office to see if I trapped her could I bring her in. I can. I hosed off the trap and I'll set it tonight.

I'm really surprised that she's in heat. She's so tiny! I would have put her age at three months, max. She's smaller than Ciara was. Wish me luck in getting her into the trap tonight.

Oh, I ordered my bedspreads today. I got two from Sears. Full price. But I figured I'd get two now and the others at Blair, later. This afternoon, I checked on the spreads at Blair, just to see how nice they were. They didn't have them anymore! Argh! :hair How could they not have them? The had them a couple of weeks ago! So, I checked their clearance page and there they were. Half price, even. I clicked through the link on my affiliates page (I'll get a small commission) and ordered three of the spreads. No shipping. No tax. The one we have now is similar and I've had it for at least twenty years. I can't see where we'll ever need to buy another spread. I got sage, light blue, navy blue, burgandy and rose. I'm so excited! Now, I have to tell hubby about it. That's gonna be fun.

Replies: 3 comments

I've been able to access the cameras over the last week without problem. They reload the way they're supposed to most of the time too.

It's such a blessing being able to look at Lisa sleeping. She's adorable. If she ever needs another home... :-)

Posted by Mjausson @ 02/19/2003 04:14 PM PDT

Sending lots of good trap thoughts. :)

Posted by Bobbie (BandB) @ 02/19/2003 05:24 PM PDT

I haven't been here in a while. Sending my sympathy about Boney. I am so sorry for your loss. I lost a precious dog one time, but when I left her at vet, didn't know I'd never see her really hurts!

Posted by EvelynDavis @ 02/22/2003 05:05 PM PDT

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