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Friday, 01/09/2004 - 10:15 AM PDT
The topic: Well, DeeJay is better

Friday, January 9, 2004 DeeJay is doing much better. I guess he just had a pretty bad urinary infection and the antibiotics have knocked it down. His appetite is up, I weighed him last night and he's put on a couple of ounces since last week. So, that's good news.

Everything else is kind of slow. I did get nine KOTM calendars sent out Monday. I have four more to make. I should be able to get those out tomorrow.

I'm going to get Marco, Sagwa, Potter and Wally's pages up today. I took pictures of them yesterday to use. I'd also like to have individual pictures of the cats up on the "meet the cats" page. Lots of folks use that page to see who's on camera.

Brian trimmed the plants back quite a bit in the entrance last weekend and it's much roomier. The only thing I've noticed is that the ferals don't hang around as much. But then, it's been pretty cold, too. They might have found a warmer place to hang out. But I still see all three of them at various times throughout the day. I haven't seen the tortie in a couple of weeks, but I know that means nothing. Ha! I just took some mail out to the mailbox and heard a little sneeze. I investigated and Little Bit and KittyMeeze are curled up together next to the cathouse by the garage, in front of the entryway.

I unhooked the zip drive from the Gateway. I had to toss out two more disks because of it. I hooked it up to the Dell. Just what I need, two zip drives. *sigh* I can access these drives from the Gateway, so it shouldn't be a problem to run things. Last weekend I also copied all of the programs on the disks that I could access information over to a CD. Then I formatted the zip disks. I did a search and came up with a great page for XP users. Karen's Power Tools. I downloaded the program to print out my directories. So, I know everything that's on a disk. And I'm also going to print out the order/registration mails that I got and put those in the binder along with the disk index. Should make life a little easier. I found out that Roxio will do something to a disk so that you can play an unfinished one on a different player without any problems. Good thing.

Have you ever bought something because someone else had it and you liked it? Like a movie? When we were in Lake City last Thanksgiving, we watched the movie "Chicago". The music was catchy, but I was glad we hadn't gone to a theater to see the film. Anyway, I got a special at Columbia House and bought the CD for my sister-in-law (who loves the movie, but doesn't want to marry it). I also got one for myself. So, I sit here at the computer, listening to the soundtrack in the background. And I start envisioning that part in the movie. And I start wishing I could see the movie again. So, I took some of the money my mom gave me for Christmas, and bought it. I'm watching it right now. Those actors have some impressive sets of pipes, I'll tell ya.

Speaking of movies, I'd really like to see Calendar Girls. Now, I've gone to breakfast by myself, but so far, no movies (although I'm working on it). My mom won't go because the movies are "too loud". Honestly, I think it's more a thing of she can't sit still for that long (remember, I've mentioned many times what a nervous person she is). She let me know after A Beautiful Mind that she didn't really want to go again. So, I called my mother-in-law once I saw that the movie was playing at a theater near us. When it first came out it was a limited showing at a theater farther from here than I want to drive. We're going to go see it on Tuesday afternoon. Kewl.

And next Thursday, I take my mom in for her yearly mammogram. Her appointment is at noon and she could drive by herself, but that's a bad time of day for finding a parking spot. She has high blood pressure and it's better that I take the stress than she. I can just drop her off at the door, then park and meet her inside.

I finally got on the scales this morning. ARRGHH!!!! Scary, scary, scary! I'm up nine pounds from the week before our Lake City vacation. Well, it went on quickly, hopefully it will go off just as quickly. I'd like to be down to the goal I set last year by the end of March. I have to get busy if I'm going to make it. It's sad how easily I fell back into the nibbling mindset. We walked occasionally, but finally started back on five days a week this week. I wonder how much I weighed last Friday. I know I'll weigh less next Friday. That number on those scales was certainly a wakeup call.

I want to eat!!!!!!

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Great news about Deejay..How was the movie? Good luck on the weight loss .. I know the feeling , hoping to lose a few lbs myself :) Thank you for doing this website.

Posted by Wyleen @ 01/14/2004 04:01 AM PDT

:) I just saw that Sagwa, Wally and Potter have their bios up today! Thank you! I looked through your family picture album yesterday, and omg, what fun that was, what amazing pictures, thank you for sharing them.

Posted by Nancy @ 01/15/2004 08:40 AM PDT

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