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Tuesday, 01/27/2004 - 09:27 AM PDT
The topic: I wonder if the cooler weather

Tuesday, January 27, 2004 I wonder if the cooler weather has something to do with my urge to eat. It's not that I'm hungry, not at all. I just want to munch. More so on cloudy days than sunny. I was doing so well until our vacation back to Colorado....yesterday was my best day at not eating since, I think.

My Bronco is back! My Bronco is back! I drove it yesterday and it was like heaven. I was so glad to have it back. I drove it down to a local Office Depot. I had the windows down...brrr..too cold, put the windows up...too warm. I had Leo Kottke playing (Standing In My Shoes...excellent, most excellent, some great guitar, if you like great guitar). At Office Depot, I got a CD cleaner machine (not a CD fixer, but a little thing to clean them, my old one bit the schnitzel), some really cute cards (they have the funnest cards there), sent some stuff back via their UPS (the Wavecom SR and that glossy paper that doesn't work at all with an inkjet printer), and a new keyboard. I just couldn't help myself. The keyboard is really nice. I liked my old one, it worked well, but parts of it were broken off. One of the little legs that hold the back up and one of the connectors for the wrist rest were broken off. I had cardboard wrapped in tape stuck to the back to keep it even. The new one is black, it's sharp looking. It's a Microsoft Multi-media keyboard. (I ordered a keyboard protector yesterday afternoon from, my last cover came from them and it did an awesome job of keeping the keyboard clean from spills, cat hair, bread crumbs, and other stuff, I highly recommend them for anyone who has a keyboard in a home environment.) After I'd settled up, she asked "is there anything else?" Argh! Yes! Yes! One of the main things I'd gone for. W2s! I need to get all that end of the year payroll stuff done by the end of the week and I needed W2 forms for the laser printer. Sheesh! What a pain in the butt that would have been, to get home and realize I had to go back.

We've got a cold virus running through the population. Now Mystie has it. Potter was the first a couple of weeks ago. None of the cats are really lethargic or ill, just a little sleepier than normal and, of course, diarrhea. I've heard Georgie sneezing a little bit, but other than that, everything seems to be not really bad. They're all eating normally and having active periods during the day. The only other symptoms is the eyes don't look quite right. Sammy was rubbing his the other night, so whatever it is makes their eyes itch. Just like humans, there's not a whole lot you can do, just rest, plenty of fluids and eat right. Which they already do.

A few weeks ago, Brian's brother found out that he is having some sort of kidney problem and to watch what he ate. Like no processed food. Well, because you don't know exactly what you're getting when you eat out, they started bringing their lunches. Which I was pushing for Brian to do last year, because they don't go dutch when they eat out, Brian was buying three days a week, Mark would buy two. I figured if Brian brought his lunch, he'd eat better and we'd save money. Well, nothing came of my brilliant idea, but now that Mark has to be careful (and who can blame him?), they're taking their lunches. And guess who fixes Brian's? Not Brian. Me. While he's taking a long leisurely shower, I'm slaving over a hot toaster. *lol* I am curious to see if he starts losing weight now that he's limited to what I put in his lunch.

Well, I guess that's about it for now. I have to clean the litterboxes, run the vacuum and then start on the end of the year payroll stuff. After that, I'd like to work on my new photo album. I've got some to share and I'd really prefer having them in one directory. I'll be keeping the old family album as is and use the new album for future images. It should be a lot easier for me.

Here's a picture I took Sunday. Brian was gone with his brother on Saturday helping him with a windmill. After that, they did some stuff at the property. Brian was beat on Sunday. We did a little shopping and when we got home, he was sitting on the sofa. He kept telling me he wasn't going to sleep. Yeah, right. What do you think?

Replies: 12 comments

Oh My Gosh! That is the one of the cutest pictures I've ever seen! :D

Posted by Melanee @ 01/27/2004 12:59 PM PDT

Please tell me the names of the cats resting on Brian.

Thank you

Posted by Brenda @ 01/28/2004 12:14 PM PDT

The cat in the back is Sagwa, the one on his shoulder, Richie and on his lap is DeeJay.

Posted by lisaviolet @ 01/28/2004 02:46 PM PDT

I loveeeeeee the picture!!! That is sooo adorable! :cool:

Yayyy for having the Bronco back! :D

Posted by Honest @ 01/29/2004 07:50 AM PDT

Awwwwwww!! Babies wuv their daddy!!! :satisfied:

Posted by Cara @ 01/29/2004 09:03 AM PDT

Awwww, I hope the kitties all get better soon from their colds. That picture is just too adorable, they sure love their daddy.

Posted by Nancy @ 01/29/2004 09:13 AM PDT

You guys all said it. That picture is great. You need to send it to a contest or something.

Posted by Maggie @ 01/29/2004 05:46 PM PDT

:D That is the sweetest picture! Dee Jay just looks so content on daddy's lap!

Posted by Terry @ 01/31/2004 11:43 AM PDT

I haven't visited you for muntz!!! How lovely to be greeted by this pic of Brian with Deejay still thriving. BTW, I know you must protect your pics from thieves, but I'd so love to have sent it to my pal (who's too lazy to follow links I send him).

Posted by Patricia @ 02/02/2004 12:37 PM PDT

What a sweet picture of Brian and some of your furr babies!

Posted by Lisa @ 02/03/2004 09:49 AM PDT

Haven't been here in a that picture. :D

Posted by Evelyn Davis @ 02/04/2004 06:38 AM PDT

This is the first time I've visited you - it's wonderful. My husband would agree that Brian isn't asleep - just resting his eyes???

Posted by Sue @ 02/06/2004 04:11 PM PDT

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