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Monday, 01/19/2004 - 05:12 PM PDT
The topic: I'm cold.....

Monday, January 19, 2004 Damn, I can't believe how cold I feel. It's 74° here in the office, plenty warm, but my fingers, nose and toes are like ice cubes. I hate this. Unless I'm in the direct sun, I'm freezing!

Things have been pretty slow around here. Brian went and looked at a new used Bronco yesterday, because a rebuilt tranny for my Bronco is going to cost around a thousand dollars. That's not to install it. He was pretty jazzed about the Bronco he went to look at going by what the owner said to him on the phone. But when he got home, he was pretty disappointed. He said it was no better than the one we have. So, he made the decision to just pay to get the one we've got fixed. Hopefully, I'll have it back by the end of next weekend. I really miss it.

Oh, my dogs, Marco just pooped and it's horrible! He has the stankiest poo of any of the cats and he always seems to use a litterbox nearby to me. *koff* *hack* *koff* Fresh air, I need fresh air!

I got a new photo album script and once I get it going (it's taken all day to get it running and to kind of figure it out) I should be better at updating my pictures. All pictures will be in a central location, the cat pictures, sunsets, Disneyland..... I'll keep the pictures that are already up where they are, just add the new ones to the photo album.

I have to go change the sheets. The top afghan is clean now and the spread is in the washer. Some cat puked all over it today. My money is on DeeJay. But it could be someone else. It seems if I miss a day or so of giving him the Pepcid A/C, his tummy really bothers him.

We also have a little bit of diarrhea going through the house. Potter had some nasty stuff for a while, now, while it's still runny, it's not nearly as nasty. At one point, it was very, very watery and bloody, now it's darker and thicker (isn't this such a wonderful topic?). I was thinking it was because the cats were getting the outfront kibble at night when Brian was getting the outfronts dinners ready, but it's been close to a week now that he stopped. I don't know what else it could be. There's nothing new environmentally, there's no standing water around the pool or anything. I'll just have to keep an eye on things.

The movie was really good. I'm glad we went.

I started back counting points last week and lost a pound. Yay! I'm down forty pounds. Still up eight from November, though. I'll lose it. I'll be honest here, my pants are getting mighty uncomfortable. And I won't buy bigger sizes. Nope, I'm not gonna do it.

I'm having a really hard time getting moved. I put in the dispute with the credit card company and haven't heard back, so I'll most likely get the credit. I doubt they've heard from him. He probably doesn't even care anymore.

Annie is doing okay. Yesterday, she did her business, then came back up on the desk and went nuts. She really wanted to play. I think that's so funny. We've had lots of cats who seem to have a much lighter load and get playful after a good potty. It was nice seeing Annie having so much fun. I had to watch her carefully, though, because she wasn't paying attention and almost fell off of the desk a couple of times. She hasn't peed in her little cubbyhole in over a week! Very pleasant. She's going under Brian's side of the desk, not in the litterbox. I wish she'd go in the litterbox, but I think her fear of the box is very deep. From a time when she'd get ambushed on her way out.

I just made the bed and Wally helped! He was chasing around and then did a stretch on his back so I could get his belly. He's such a sweetie. I'm also giving Marco extra attention, hoping to bring him around. I think it's working. Oh, did I mention that I got their websites up last week? They aren't very long, but they're there!

Brian was remarking on how much some of the cats seem to miss Junior. Opie, Richie, Sammy, Daniece all have been affected by his loss. They're much more needy. Sammy and Daniece are spending a lot more time inside (usually on the bed). It's pretty sad. Someday we'll get them new puppies.

Katie has been coming to bed in the wee hours and wanting to be petted and loved. She cries and purrs and this morning, was licking me wherever she could find skin. I wonder what's up with her.

I added a new five day forecast to the weather page. It draws it's information from Gillespie Field, in El Cajon. It's not even three miles from our house as the crow flies. Before, the five day forecasts were drawn from Lindbergh Field in San Diego, by the beach. The weather is much different here, twenty/twenty five miles from the ocean. We get a lot more sun and it's a lot hotter and a lot colder inland.

I took my mom in for her mammogram last Thursday. After, she bought me lunch at Chili's. I had a cajun chicken sandwich with fries. I let her have my fries, they were awful. Way too spiced up (read that "salty"). The sandwich was really good, though.

I hate reality television. Won't watch it. And tonight, that's all that's on. That and reruns. Puke.

Well, time to go check the dryer. The spread should be pretty close to dry by now.

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Why is it that when the house has miles of hardwood floors with 1 rag rug down, and the dryer is broken, the cat(s)manage to throw up all over that one rug? Just one of those meaning of life questions!

Posted by Beth @ 01/26/2004 04:37 PM PDT

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