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Thursday, 01/22/2004 - 01:07 PM PDT
The topic: Winter weather

Thursday, January 22, 2004 Well, it looks like we're in for another day of Southern California winter weather. Haha. It's probably gonna be in the mid-80° in the sun today. Mid-70° in the shade. It's clear, not a cloud to be seen from my vantage point here on my butt in front of my monitor, looking out the window.

I can see the leaves blowing on the tree, the leaves that haven't yet fallen. I like the sound they make when they rustle. Before too long, I'll have all doors and windows open to let the fresh air in and the stale air out. Ah, I love this kind of winter day. It makes me feel alive. I don't mind the rain. But I do hate the clouds that hang around forever, without any precipitation. I don't like it hazy, either, where the sun is almost there, but not quite. That's a twilight zone feeling. But days like nice.....

It almost feels like spring.

Speaking of spring, the time of new life, it would appear that Little Bit is again in heat. There are catfights outside of the house at night. At least, these cats aren't as noisy as Repete could be. There are massive amounts of cat fur in the driveway and in the gutters going up the street. Brian said he saw a cat who was similar to Wally the other night. For some reason, KittyMeeze isn't hanging around during the day. He's here in the morning, then gone the rest of the day, doesn't come back until evening. Well, Tuesday he stuck around, sleeping with Little Bit all day in the entry way. They were cuddled up together on one of the blankets we've set out for the ferals.

And the cats are so busy copulating and fighting, that they've not eaten much this past week. *sigh* Too busy to eat at night, too tired during the day. Silly cats.

Argh! Cat Fights II just got trolled. Kids. I denied access to that IP to all of my sites. And I also reported him to his IP. He was a pretty nasty little thing. You know what gets me about these types of trolling incidents, is they invariably tell folks that they should "get a life". Well, heck, Pete, who are they to tell others they need a life? I mean, going around posting nasty things to people you don't know on boards that you obviously have nothing in common with is any kind of life? Or are they too stoopid to see that? *sigh*

Oh, look! Clouds! We're supposed to get rain this weekend. As long as we do, I don't mind the clouds.

Yanno, for Marco being a bottle fed cat, he sure doesn't like being touched much. And don't even try picking him up. He hangs around, but you never know exactly what it is he wants. Unless he just wants food.

We went to the chiropractor yesterday afternoon and he asked how we'd been. I told him I was crabby. My back was out in a couple of places (most likely one of the reasons I've been having morning headaches). Brian had a few problems, too. But I told the doc that I missed Brian being gone. *grin* Brian just looked at me, shocked. I mean, I was getting really used to him being gone on the weekends to the property. Since we went to Lake City, he hasn't spent the night up there once. And his day trips are rare. So, I think I've been getting crabby. And it doesn't help that he hasn't been in the greatest of moods. Going to the property always seems to get him in a more better frame of mind. It's like all of the crap he has to put up with down here gets bottled up inside of him. Then he goes up there and he can empty that bottle. He lets loose with some physical work he really enjoys. So, he's in a better mood and I'm in a better mood because I get some alone time, some me time. Sure, he goes to work during the day, but he calls home for this or that.

Oh, my, it's really getting cloudy! Whew! Windy, too! Doors and windows are still open, though.

Mickey finally realized that there's some sort of good food in the exercise room that he can't have. And he's not particularly happy with this turn of events. He's been sitting in front of the door, crying for hours on end. Shut up, Mickey. You aren't getting any.

Ah, I'm losing my train of thought and my hand hurts. Maybe I'll post more later. Maybe not. There's really not a lot going on, anyway.

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Glad to see your back!!! I wish it was as warm here as it is there . we are at 17 degrees here, and more snow on the way .anyway have a great weekend. :P

Posted by bcatsrmine8 @ 01/24/2004 12:24 AM PDT

Hi, Well the book about Aggie the hero cat will be out soon. I hope you read this as I would like to mail you a copy of the book once it is out. The city of Laceyville created a web site for Aggie, her photo is up there too. Hugs, mesha :)

Posted by lynn seely (aka mesha) @ 01/27/2004 05:37 AM PDT

lisaviolet is fifty something, married with no kids, takes care of lots of cats, likes taking photographs, loves Southern California weather and spends altogether too much time avoiding her responsibilities.

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