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disney stuff
Monday, 05/02/2005 - 05:47 PM PDT
The topic: New category! Disney stuff

Monday, May 2, 2005 We went to Disneyland last Thursday because we thought it would be raining. We saw the remnants of two accidents on the way up, major damage to the cars, but people were standing around so hopefully no major injuries.

I wore my Redwing boots because we thought it would be raining and it wasn't. I didn't have my rubber thing between my big toe and the index toe because I couldn't find one (I hide them from Sagwa, because he likes to play with them and hide them under furniture). Note to self: never wear the Redwings without the rubber thingy. My bunion was screaming. Really hard to walk.

We were hungry and looked for someplace with a decent menu. I've gotta tell ya, when Pressler took over the Anaheim resort, he really ruined a lot of things. Like the menus. We ended up at the French Market restaurant, over in New Orleans Square by the railroad and I have to say it was absolutely the worst meal we've ever had at Disneyland. I had fried chicken (I'm not a big fan of fried chicken, but I was craving some last week and Brian said "why don't you have the fried chicken?") which was not worth the money. I don't like dark meat, I don't eat the skin or coating and there was a breast, a leg and I think a wing. Not a lot of meat. I did eat my steak fries and the salad was okay. I had bleu cheese on mine, Brian had ranch and he said he didn't know what it was, but it was like no ranch dressing he's had before. Nasty stuff.

Then we went to the candy store, got some candy for our mothers for Mother's Day, then we walked over to Disney's California Adventure and got I-Scream sundaes at Burrbank, then we came home. We didn't go on any ride but the tram to the parking lot.

But it was nice to get away from the cats and the litterboxes and have some quality time together. The ride up was pretty nice, too.

I put up a few pictures over on the family album.

This Wednesday, Disneyland won't be open to the public, there's a media event. One of our friends who lives up in Anaheim (both she and her husband also have annual passports), called me up last week and asked me if we were going. Uh, no. I guess they gave away 2500 passes to AP holders. We weren't one of the lucky ones. Our friends are.


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I'll miss you terribly tomorrow...

I'm gonna take so many pictures it'll be like you were THERE... :D


Posted by Chance's Mom @ 05/03/2005 02:55 PM PDT

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