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Wednesday, 05/25/2005 - 09:22 AM PDT
The topic: Ponderance

Okay, so most of you who have been reading this journal since I started it back in 1997, know how very much I hated those so called "monthlies". (So called because they were here every 21-25 days, not a month by anyone's standards.) I celebrated when Aunt Flo quit stopping by (last visit, March 2003). Earlier this year, I finally got rid of all of the products.

Now, I know with menopause come changes. My beautiful silvery hair (yay! no more streaking!), less body hair, slower metabolism (boo!), just to name a few.

But one change has me curious and I've never heard this addressed before. I've asked, but no one could answer. Maybe someone reading this will know.

All of my life, I've had straight hair. Unless I've set it or have a perm, it's straight. Well, there's been a new development.

Curly hair. Where is it coming from? Can I expect that all of my new hair is going to be curly? I just think this is really strange. So, if I'm finally getting something I've wanted all of my life, does this mean maybe my metabolism will change, too? Wouldn't that be wonderful?

By the way, the shirt I'm wearing in this picture is the Annie tee from my store, lisaviolet designs.

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I don't know about the curly hair, I do know mine started to fall out! Due to the lack of hormones, dontcha know. I started using Nioxin and taking soy estrogen and got some back (at least I no longer have a big bald spot in front) blush

Posted by Donna @ 05/25/2005 10:31 AM PDT

Seriously? You lost hair? crazy

Well, I'm glad you got some of it back. shocked

Posted by lisaviolet @ 05/25/2005 11:07 AM PDT

My hair has been very cully and fuzzy , and now it is going straight. I love it!

Posted by bcatsrmine8 @ 05/25/2005 11:47 AM PDT

I have heard that the change causes hair changes. My mom lost hair after menopause from lack of estrogen. My friends kids, all three, all got curlier and/or thicker hair at puberty. The boys got both curlier and thicker, and the girl got thicker hair. Interesting, I hadn't thought about what happened later in life, which for me is with me right now.

Posted by MayEllen @ 05/25/2005 11:47 AM PDT

My hair changed from board straight to wavy after being pregnant, so it wouldn't surprise me that with your hormone changes that it's happening to you.

Posted by Melanee @ 05/25/2005 12:01 PM PDT

When i started on the pill my hair went from stick straight to curly and frizzy almost overnite. I have since cut all my hair its pretty straight right now!!! big grin

Posted by Mandy @ 05/25/2005 02:25 PM PDT

I bought that t-shirt for my hubby, he loves it big grin Even has the "nerve" to wear it out in public, people laugh and he just says "you're just jealous 'cuz your wife won't buy you nice things" hehe

Posted by Donna @ 05/25/2005 08:59 PM PDT

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