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Saturday, 05/14/2005 - 11:56 AM PDT
By the way, very nice, no snow forecasted *lol*
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The topic: Saturday stuff

°Well, Brian went off early this morning to help his brother with concrete at his rental. He's supposed to be home early this afternoon, but I'll tell ya, I ain't holding my breath.

I worked outside digging weeds for a couple of hours, which is about an hour and forty-five minutes longer than yesterday. It's slow going, they're pretty deep and I'm very out of shape. Roundup is looking better and better. I checked it out yesterday and if used properly, it shouldn't hurt the cats. I have no intention of spraying it on the dirt parts of where I'm working I'll still have to pull all of those (if we want to grow something else there, we can't do the entire area) and I'll just paint the new growth that peeks its ugly head through the soil. But around the streambeds, I don't have a problem with using it. That crap is actually growing up through the beds in areas, making small cracks bigger. We'll have to do that on a day when we keep the cats inside.

The never ending laundry is waiting for me, I have some ironing to do (flannel shirts, with any luck, there won't be much need for them for a couple of shirts, no ironing). Litterboxes, of course, need sifting.

I just want to lay on the sofa and read.

All the windows and doors are wide open and I closed the blinds, so there's a cool breeze flowing through the house. The tile floors go a long way towards keeping the house comfortable.

Well, I get my chores done, I can lay down on the sofa and read. Or maybe get into the pool. It was 72° yesterday afternoon. Nice, huh? :)

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I have bindweed here which is a bad one. The only way I got it down to a dull roar was by taking an old artists paintbrush and painting a few leaves on each stem with Roundup. The plant then takes it into the root. Do not spill any.

Posted by Norah @ 05/14/2005 07:58 PM PDT

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