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cat stuff
Thursday, 05/19/2005 - 07:32 AM PDT
By the way, I think the nice weather is finally here for a while
The topic: Do you ever

say really nonsensical things to your cat(s)?

I find myself calling Pete "peterpetepeteypetepete" on a common basis. Brian tries to say it, but he says it wrong. There's a certain way of saying something moronically.

DeeJay is "deejerbeegerweegerbeege".

Annie is "annienanner" (not all that bad).

Wally is "wallywallywalterboy".

I was just wondering if anyone else does this.


Replies: 14 comments

Me, say nonsensical things to my cats rolls eyes ahem, like calling Zippy "princess Ziporah, empress of the universe" or calling Sadie "Sadieladytailamazy" um, no never big grin

Posted by Donna @ 05/19/2005 08:26 AM PDT

Yep, Digit is "Digiekitty", "JuJuBee", DigieGieGieGie" all at a high pitch voice my husband is unable to duplicate. Romeo is just "RoMeooo" aka "Handsome man". Sam is "Sammy Girl".

Posted by Melanee @ 05/19/2005 09:09 AM PDT

Mittens, my polydactyl, has been given an Indian name:
Toes Of Many Colors

Posted by Toni @ 05/19/2005 09:34 AM PDT

Oh, and I forgot, Miss Patches......well, she has her very own song I sing to her:
Queen of the Silver Dollar; also Wonder Woman, I pick her up and hold her so she appears to fly (she just loves it)

Posted by Toni @ 05/19/2005 09:37 AM PDT

My little B'Elanna has her very own song, too, Toni!
I'm glad simebody else sings to their kitty. I sometimes call her Booney, Booneybear, Boobear, or just Boo.

Posted by Trudy @ 05/19/2005 01:20 PM PDT

Ahh....yes the kitties of many names. Parker goes by Rooney, Poonie, BooBoo Kitty, PoonieMan, The Boomeister and he has his own song too set to You are my sunshine. His full name is Mr. Parker A. Rooney. I think we are just good mommies... big grin

Posted by DonnaB @ 05/20/2005 05:17 AM PDT

Lexi is girlfriend, drawn out of course, giiiiirrrrllllfrriiieeendddd...Lexicon, Lexicanogala. Bailey is Bailey-butt or butt-butt, Cody is Codycat and Shelby is Shellycat or Shell.

Posted by BaileyShelbyCody @ 05/20/2005 09:08 AM PDT

My Ruth cat was Baby Ruth as a kitten, then goofyrufie, which has been now been modified to 'woofie'. Tarvi is tarvilarvae, mostly because he bugs Ruth so much.

Posted by MayEllen @ 05/20/2005 10:19 AM PDT

For Leo it's oleoleoleoleo.

For Cocoa it's Cocoa Puff.

For Sammy it's Sammy Sammy Sousa all I need is you-sa.

For Maggie it's Itty Bitty Kitty and Maggie the Moocher.

Posted by Lisa @ 05/20/2005 11:40 AM PDT

How funny!
We are all nuts and I thought I was the only one.....whew.......what a relief..

Posted by Toni @ 05/20/2005 12:48 PM PDT

I wonder why many kitties like being sung to so much. I've always sung to mine, and even though my voice is not that great, I'm always rewarded with a purr.

Posted by Trudy @ 05/20/2005 05:30 PM PDT

Moo Kitty, Moo Kitty, Moo Kitty Moo. That's usually what I'm singing to him when I see him. Orange Kitty is a fat ass, so he has all kinds of names. Chubs McFlubs, Beef, BeefLog, Beefy. Or all of those at once combined smile And Rachael is usually just Rachael Bitch. Poor girl, it sounds mean when I say it like this, but she really is a crab big grin She has the calico mood swings so you never know if you will get a lick or a BITE! All the fosters have their nicknames and songs, too. But, you guys really don't want me getting into all that. You'd be here for a week!

Posted by Tamara @ 05/20/2005 06:27 PM PDT

Heehee, what a fun topic LOL

Merlin is called Merly Berly, Pearly Merly, the Chubster, and Purrlermerler

Trixie's full name is Trixie Doodle Bug, so she's called Doodle Face, Trixalater, and Silly One

Trance is also known as Transylvania Girl, Little Love, and Black cat wink

Posted by Max's Mom @ 05/20/2005 07:07 PM PDT

ok this is embarrassing:

Rosieposierosietoesey. I wuvs my Rosie. Rose-Rose. Rosie da Toe. Mama Rosa. Dessa Rose!

Mollywollyfoofybutt. Sweet and silly little nut.

Thomas Toes. Tommy T. Toes. Tommy da Toe. (seems we have a toe fetish here)

Amy is the Monkey. MOnkey Toes. Cheeky Monkey. Chunky Monkey (she is). Also she's deaf so I can call her Jimmy Hoffa & she wouldn't care.

Little Mary so contrary, How long your tail does grow! A foot soaking wet and hasn't stopped yet, And tortie stripes all in a row.

I won't bore y'all to death - I'll quit! smile

Posted by mag @ 05/20/2005 08:04 PM PDT

lisaviolet is fifty something, married with no kids, takes care of lots of cats, likes taking photographs, loves Southern California weather and spends altogether too much time avoiding her responsibilities.

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