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Friday, 05/27/2005 - 12:36 PM PDT
The topic: DeeJay

Well, I saw DeeJay peeing blood again earlier this week. That same night, I saw blood clots on the towel, the same kind Annie has passed.

I started DeeJay on amitripyline yesterday. There was no bloody urine last night and none so far today. And he's resting much more comfortably. I also started adding some feline digestive enzymes to his food, hoping they'd help him to better process his meals.

He started getting them a couple of days ago and he's not pooping nearly as much as he had been. I haven't found a DeeJay poop on the laundry room floor since yesterday morning. He's also put on three ounces since the beginning of the week.

I hope this all helps him feel better. It's nice to see him sleeping well.

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