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Sunday, 12/25/2005 - 10:05 AM PDT
The topic: Annie update

Well, it's going to be a Merry Christmas afterall. I was really worried that Annie and I would be at the emergency hospital, but this morning she's showing a marked improvement!

I started her on fluids Friday and yesterday I upped the dose. I gave her 120cc in the morning, 60cc in the afternoon and another 120cc last night. She wasn't happy about any of it, but I think it helped her out a lot. I didn't give her any more pills or meds or anything like that.

I also got her to eat some A/D, by putting it on my finger and putting it in her mouth. She's swallow it, then. As soon as she started turning her head or fighting me, I'd stop. I did this a couple of times. Last night, after we got home from my mom's, I watched Annie poop in the litterbox and she tried covering it up. She still seemed pretty weak, though.

I gave her a little turkey last night and although she showed some interest in it, she had a hard time chewing and it would just fall out of her mouth. Her eyes still looked bad to me.

I did have a moist washcloth in the office and every so often I'd wipe her eyes off. She liked that. After I gave her the last 120cc of fluids, she laid down and rested her head. I turned off the lights and spent about a half hour in here just petting her and giving her gentle scratches under her neck. I knew if she wasn't doing better this morning, we'd be off.

Well, this morning when I got up to let the cats out, Annie was up and she walked into my bathroom. I opened the shower door and she jumped up on the edge. She was reluctant to jump into the tub, so I helped her. I turned on the water and she put her paws up on the edge of the tub and started lapping. Full on lapping. This was good. Then she went back into the office and I followed her.

When I got up to feed KittyMeeze and turn on the cameras, I gave her some Fancy Feast, which she showed interest in. I had to shut the office door to keep Walter out of the food. He's magic, just appears whenever something smells good enough to eat. She lapped at the food, then actually started eating it. She didn't eat very much at all, but the fact that she was biting it, was good.

I took the leftover food out to KittyMeeze, then went back to bed. When I got up for the day, she wanted more to eat, so I heated up the 9Lives I'd opened early yesterday. She liked that. (She's never really eaten much at a time, she's always been more of a nibbler, so I'm not real concerned about the fact that she's not eating a bunch.) After she had her fill of food, she wobbled over to the bowl of water I have for her on the desk and started drinking. Not just sniffing the water and trying to lap, but she drank. It was a good thing.

I told Brian it looked like there'd be no vet visit in today's schedule!

I gave her more fluids, since I know she's not completely over whatever was going on with her, but I know she's over the worst of it. Last year, she spent the first week of the new year at the animal hospital. I'm going to do what I can to prevent that from happening this year.

Thank you all for the prayer and good thoughts for our little Annie. I know they made the difference.

Replies: 4 comments

I'm glad to read she's doing better. I hope she keeps up the improvements and there are no vet visits in you near future. Keep eating Annie.

Posted by Norah @ 12/25/2005 10:16 AM PDT

Good to see she's eating better!
Keep up the good work Annie smile

Posted by Bobbie @ 12/25/2005 03:35 PM PDT

That's great news. I'm glad she is doing better and you could enjoy Christmas day.

Posted by Melanee @ 12/25/2005 03:55 PM PDT

This is wonderful news! I am so happy to hear that she is doing much better!! Still sending Reiki for all of you too big grin


Posted by Mary @ 12/28/2005 11:48 AM PDT

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