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Friday, 12/30/2005 - 11:31 AM PDT
The topic: Test results

Annie on Christmas Eve The vet called last night after 5:30. He didn't like what he saw. "What you have

Annie on Christmas Eve

The vet called last night after 5:30. He didn't like what he saw. "What you have here is a pretty sick kitty" was basically the gist of the call. She does have thyroid problems. She is in the middle of kidney disease. Not beginning, not end, but right smack in the middle. And she's anemic. Her bilurubin showed the wrong kind of protein values (remember when Ciara was diagnosed with IBD, her bilurubin was way off, her body wasn't absorbing any protein at all).

Annie Christmas Day

So, this is what we're doing (he said it was going to be work). She's to get fluids twice a week, 120cc each time. She gets tapazole twice a day. She'll be getting Lotensin once a day. I'll be adding Epakitin added to her food twice a day.

I'm glad I have so many of those gelcaps. I can fit both the tapazole and lotensin doses in one. So, she'll get two caps a day, one with two pills, one with one. And both she and DeeJay are eating the kidney food, and they both like the Epakitin additive. So, that's good.

Posing with her medications

Annie will have to go back in ten days for retest. If she's still anemic, she'll probably be started on Procrit (my vet said "you've seen the commercials for people who've been on chemotherapy saying "I've been so tired since my treatment and my doctor prescribed Procrit, now I'm feeling much better"). He said you can usually only find it in five packs and a single tube will last a long time. The problem is it's hard to find in single tubes and when you do, the companies charge a substantial amount for it. Something like sixty dollars. But we're not worried about that right now, because she may not need it.

So, that's the status. He said either this will help, in which case she'll be with us for a while longer. Or it won't. In which case her time with us will be considerably shortened.

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You and Annie and all of you are in my prayers...hoping for the best...


Posted by Mary @ 01/01/2006 07:26 PM PDT

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