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Tuesday, 03/04/2003 - 10:30 AM PDT
The topic: He's here!

Tuesday, March 4, 2003 Oliver is here. And it looks like he'll fit in just fine. There was quite a bit of growling yesterday, but it's not happening nearly as much today. Right now, Oliver is sleeping in Brian's recliner in the family room. He likes that chair. And he likes Brian. He likes him a lot.

That's Brian watching television last night, with Oliver in his lap. Oliver spent most of the evening in that lap. When Brian went to bed, Oliver stayed on the chair. There was some cat interaction during the night, which broke into our sleep, but I don't think we're in for much more.

I think I'm getting sick. My throat is a little sore. And I'm really cold. We're having another one of those off again on again rain days.

Yesterday morning, I had to go to the doctor and do a little shopping. CostCo didn't have any insulin syringes, so I have to go back. I'll probably go tomorrow after I leave the chiropractor. I have a recheck scheduled. I'm supposed to be icing down my back. Yeah, I really want to do that being so cold. I also need to get more dry cat food, too. Anyway, when I got home, Lucky was not acting healthy at all. She kept squatting. A "I gotta poop" squat. I found some really runny stuff on the stove (washed it with bleach) and watched her some more. She was peeing pink and then I saw a little clot. Great. I gave her an amoxicillan and went down to the vet's office to get Oliver.

Becky was at the donut shop getting sodas and I waited for her. I asked Kelsey about Lucky, then when Becky came in, I asked her. She talked to the vet and he said he'd like to see her. I made an appointment for 10:15 today, but if Brian could be home earlier, I'd try to take her in yesterday. I was lucky, Brian could be home by five, the latest appointment they had. He was home, I showed him where Oliver was (under the bed), told him what a sweetie Oliver was and got stuff ready for Lucky, got Lucky, then off to the vet.

I took the paper towel with the nasty poop and we figured it looked like something she'd eaten. For the life of me, I couldn't figure out what, then it dawned on me. She had eaten a green bean Sunday night. No wonder it looked so icky. The vet took urine and tested it. He found it full of struvite crystals and her pH was way off. So, she's on ammonil and amoxicillan for a week. She's feeling lots better already.

Now, it's time to go clean litterboxes.

I think Oliver will like it here.

Replies: 4 comments

Oh what a cutie Oliver is!(I am a little biased when it comes to orange tabby cats seeing how I have 3!) I'm so happy he and the others seem to be adjusting just fine.
Hope you don't get the cough I just got over, it lasted a month!

Posted by Melanee @ 03/04/2003 07:21 PM PDT

I am glad that Oliver looks like he is going to fit in.. He looks like such a sweetie! Makes me wish I could have another Kitty, we already have 2 in an apartment.

Posted by Tia @ 03/05/2003 05:27 AM PDT

Oliver sure is a cutie patootie! :)

Looks like Brian may have a new best friend there... hehehe! Oliver knows how to win over the parents! I am glad he's sweet and gets along with all of the others! :)

Posted by Honest @ 03/06/2003 05:55 AM PDT

Well, Oliver is just fantastic. I am also biased toward redtabbys, I have a 16 year old one! But, poor Junior!

Posted by Evelyn Davis @ 03/10/2003 10:05 AM PDT

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