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Thursday, 03/13/2003 - 10:29 AM PDT
The topic: He bit me!

Thursday, March 13, 2003 Oliver bit me this morning! Ow. He's been getting a little rougher and this morning, he grabbed my arm and just laid into me. Fortunately, I was wearing a thick sweatshirt. I couldn't figure out what I'd done. I let him know I wasn't angry and I rubbed his head. Then he grabbed my arm and sunk his teeth into the palm of my left hand. It took about a minute before it started to bleed. My, oh, my. I know that part of this is because he's in pain. I'm also thinking another part is he really needs to let off some steam. I figured today I'd put Junior in the shop for a while and let Oliver out in the yard. Maybe smelling Junior around will help with the introductions. Junior just sleeps most of the day anyway. Brian is concerned about the biting. Oliver loves to be held, but I'm reluctant to have him that close to my face not knowing if he's going to bite. I can only imagine how uncomfortable he is.

I made the appointment for Oliver's chiro. I called them Monday and the earliest they can get him in is April 24. Boy, that's a long time to have to wait. I'll have to pick up his x-rays from my vet and take them with us to the new vet. Then bring them back to my regular vet. What fun

I've been worried about Angus, not having seen him in a couple of weeks. It's amazing how when I verbalize these worries to Brian, that so often, that same night, the cat I'm worried about shows up. Last night was no different. Angus was back. So, I've seen all the cats except the tortie. SpotTee isn't around as often either. We had the trap set three nights this week with no luck. The first two, it was covered and the food wasn't touched. The third night Brian removed the towel and the food was eaten but the trap didn't spring. We're going to set up the other one instead of this one. I really want to get Little Bit and soon. If she's pregnant and I'm pretty sure she is, we need to get her to the vet before it's too late. She's so very small, I don't think she'd be able to give an easy birth. I think it could kill her. Anyway, I was told that Vienna Sausages work quite well for trapping. I'd have never thought of those. We'll get some on our next trip to CostCo. We're going up to Disneyland for the day Saturday, so I don't want to try trapping the rest of this week. I want to be around for the recovery.

I got an email yesterday asking if we could take in a special needs feral female. She was recently trapped. Her special needs? She has no back legs. She walks on her two front legs with her back up in the air. Wow! She should be put in a home that's low energy, no dogs, and with no expectation of ever cuddling or being a snuggler. Just a place for her to be fed and kept comfortable. As much as I'd like to, we just can't do it now, not with Oliver and, potentially, Little Bit.

Some kitty is peeing on the bed again. The pillow area to be exact. I've got the pillows in the washer right now and I'll be changing the sheets, bedspread and comforter later. *sigh* And someone has puked on the cover on the loveseat in the family room two nights out of three. I'll be washing those covers again today.

The cats have been investigating a couple of holes back by the pool. They obviously found what they were looking for. Tuesday morning, I went out to check on them and Junior followed me. We were down by the pool and he was sniffing at something, took it up and lay down by the garage. I looked around for some of the cats, making sure everyone was accounted for and walked up the steps, towards the house. Junior was chewing on something, I thought "man, that's gotta be a big cat poop for him to still be munching" and I looked a little closer. Oh, ick, it wasn't a poop at all (which is bad enough) but what I saw was the front end of a gopher (meaning he'd already eaten the rest of it). :puke

I deleted all of the printer drivers from the Gateway now that I can access them via the Dell. I'm freeing up all of this room! I'm considering putting all the other stuff I bought to connect the two computers up for auction on eBay. I've got switchboxes, cables, I've got one brand new ethernet card, the network hub that came in the kit that I used the cables and one of the ethernet cards. I'm getting tons of room on the old Gateway, I think I'll use it for the photos and things that I take. I don't intend on running any programs on it, other than the cameras. Might as well make use of it.

We started walking again on Monday. We hadn't walked for a month, I'm sure. Brian had a job that he was leaving early to get to, then we got the rain. Now we're hoping to be back on schedule. My legs are killing me, though.

What else has been going on? Not much. I guess that's it for today's entry.

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How come you are posting March under February?

Posted by Norah @ 03/13/2003 02:21 PM PDT

:blush: I'm not, I just never changed the link on the main diary page. It's done now.

Posted by lisaviolet @ 03/13/2003 03:04 PM PDT

Would you please tell me what "arthrisoothe" is? If it helps arthritis, where can I buy it? Fred has very bad arthritis in his lower back.

Posted by Darlene @ 03/13/2003 06:21 PM PDT

I got mine at Arthri Soothe

Posted by lisaviolet @ 03/14/2003 05:42 AM PDT

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