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Saturday, 03/01/2003 - 06:56 AM PDT
The topic: It's cold right now...

Saturday, March 1, 2003 It's really, really cold! It's about 6:30 AM and I just went outside, barefoot, to see if I could find the Kirby cat. I did, he was down by the pool, rolling around in something, my guess would be ants or something like that, although it would seem to be too cold for ants. My feet are like blocks of ice.

I'm waiting for hubby to get up and we're going to breakfast, then he has to go to work. I'll most likely do more laundry today. Annie has taken to full on urinating on the towel that's used to protect Brian's stacked files of paperwork. So, I've been changing that towel two or three times a day. I'm really thankful I cleaned out the towel closet last month because it sure makes it a lot easier to grab a clean towel. And I really should think about running the Floormate over the floors in the family room, hallways, bathrooms and bedroom. First I'd have to vacuum though, and get up all of the dust kitties (those things are too big to be called "bunnies" and they primarily consist of cat fur anyway). And clean the windows where the cats peed on them Thursday night.

I have to hope that my back will hold out. Thursday night, I was rounding up the rest of the cats outside, Sammy and Daniece, to be exact. I was wearing shoes and when I was up by the pond, my foot slipped on the cement and I went down hard. My right thumb took a lot of the jarring because I put my hand down to catch my fall. I yelled an expletive quite loudly, then came in, holding the flashlight. The side of my thumb looked like it was split open and I ran it under cold water, but no blood was coming out of it. Weird. I wrapped it in a papertowel, but still no blood. Maybe because the skin wasn't broken, I had an oddly shaped blood blister. It doesn't look as bad this morning and I'm getting more flexibility in my thumb. But my lower back hurts this morning. This is the same thing that happened when I had that bad sciatica years ago. I have a scheduled chiro appointment Monday (since I totally forgot about last week's appointment). Good thing. Today, I'll try to ice it down and take lots of calcium. That always helps.

Well, hubby is ready to leave. I'll post more later, because I've got some very exciting cat news!

9:17 AM Okay, it's later. I'm going to start work on designing some calendars to sell for next year and get those added to my store. And since no one has ordered a shirt since I set up the new shop, I've decided to drop the price. I just tried and the edit isn't working! :cry I just sent an email off to the script author, who set it up for me to begin with. I have no idea why it would quit working.

The two dark bedspreads got here yesterday. I think they're wonderful! Here is the navy blue one with a comforter on top of it.

The cats like it, too. When I made the bed yesterday, DeeJay crawled under the comforter, making a big lump. But he was purring up a storm. Speaking of DeeJay, he's eaten quite a bit and now he's sitting hunched in front of me. I don't think he can eat as much as he wants without his tummy rebelling.

Okay, so here's the news.

Late yesterday morning, the phone rings. I see that the call is coming from the vet's office on the caller ID. Hmm. I wonder what's up? I answer, it's Becky. She asks if we could do her a really big favor. Something about her father-in-law's cat. Somebody had surgery and couldn't take care of the cat properly or something along those lines. He's thirteen and needs a home. Becky tried keeping him at her house, but he hates men. If we don't take him, he'll probably have to be euthanized. Monday. Well, this isn't something I can decide by myself. I have to think about it and figure how to put the question to Brian. I figure I'll wait until he gets home from work. (Which I found out he never made it to, but spent the day with his family instead; his older brother was out from Colorado and left yesterday afternoon.) I think about it all day long. A thirteen year old cat. When I asked her, Becky said he got along with other cats. That's good. Obviously, the hating men comment has me concerned. But Brian is special. Many times when he works in houses with cats, the owner's comment how 'their cat never acknowledges anyone' yet the kitty is all over Brian. I don't think there would be a problem there. How will the other cats react? What happens if he doesn't fit in? After all, we're working with an established personality here, not one to be molded. But gosh, thirteen is a good age. And he's healthy. How sad that no one wants him. I don't understand why not. If Brian is okay with this, I'll have to ask Becky more questions.

So, Brian gets home. I broach the subject. Brian says 'okay, we can give it a try'. I call Becky. She's really thrilled. I find out the entire story.

It seems that this kitty, who is red ("like Rusty") and who is named "Oliver" likes to go outside. Well, the street where he lived is busy and he was hit by a car. He'd had surgery on his back leg and is now out of his cast, but his leg is stiff (it was his hock that was broken). Becky kept him for the duration of his recovery, but her father-in-law just can't handle keeping him indoors (and I'm sure many of us can sympathize with this). But no one wants to take the chance that he'll get hit by another car. Becky said at her house, the street is also busy, but that she's concerned that because of Oliver's leg, he wouldn't be able to get out of harm's way quickly enough. And she can't keep in inside all the time because of his aggression. It would seem that he not only hates men, he hates kids. Her son was laying on the sofa watching television and Oliver just attacked him, scratching the heck out of him. Oliver had, indeed, bit her husband in the past, but no longer went after him. But her husband hates Oliver and we know how cats can pick up on our feelings towards them. But Oliver loves her (and so you can see why she's reluctant to have him put down). He greets her at the door and follows her around. And she's hoping that he can have a good and happy rest of his life with us.

So, I pick him up Monday. I don't know if we're doing the right thing, like I said, I'm worried about the other cats. They seem to be getting on well enough at this point and I know this will upset the applecart. But maybe it won't. Maybe he'll fit right in. It's something we won't know until we give it a try. So, keep your fingers crossed that all goes well. This will be the first non-feral adult cat we've taken in. I'm really nervous about it, but I'm willing to do what we have to to make it work. And I'll use lots of Feliway.

And I'll take lots of pictures.

Replies: 6 comments

Sounds a lot like Timothy's adventure.
I'm sure it will work out, with some time and love. You are expert at that!
Timothy is still a bit mean, but it's going to work!
Good Luck and get the camera ready :D

Posted by Bobbie @ 03/01/2003 04:53 PM PDT

you are so great to do this with the kitty i wish you lots of luck you already have lots of love. :)

Posted by bcatsrmine7 @ 03/01/2003 05:03 PM PDT

I'm happy for you and nervous at the same time!I hope it all goes well. I would hate to see him get out and get lost trying to find Becky again or the father-in- law. Hopefully, him being 13 he won't stray if he does get out!Can't wait to see pics

Posted by Melanee @ 03/01/2003 06:29 PM PDT

Best of luck with you and the new kitty, Oliver! I think it's a challenge bringing in a new kitty no matter what the age, so I wish you the best of luck! :)

Posted by Kristin @ 03/02/2003 08:33 PM PDT

You're such a wonderful mommy! :) I can't wait until you post Oliver's pic here. He now has a WONDERFUL home who will take great care of him and love him! Best wishes with Oliver. I will keep my fingers crossed! :D

Posted by Honest @ 03/03/2003 06:53 AM PDT

cool :P

Posted by Danielle @ 07/21/2003 10:50 AM PDT

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