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Sunday, 03/30/2003 - 01:28 PM PDT
The topic: This won't be long

Sunday, March 30, 2003 I don't have much new to post, but something happened last night I wanted to enter before I forget.

Brian called last night, after seven, to let me know he wouldn't be home, that he'd most likely be home this afternoon. I had eaten (cottage cheese was all, but I wasn't really hungry because of my sinuses and headache) and all the cats except Benny were in. I let Benny stay out because he and Oliver don't get along and Benny is happier outside. Once Oliver is finally able to go out all the time, I'm sure that will change.

Anyway, I was on the sofa in the family room, planning on watching "The Birthday Girl" with Nicole Kidman and Ben Chaplin. Oliver was in the family room and while I was speaking with Brian on the phone, Ollie jumped up on the couch, onto the back and into the window. I assumed he was getting a drink of water. Before I knew it, he was attacking my head! It was really strange. It didn't hurt, it wasn't scary, but he had his front paws on either side of my head and he was biting at my hair. I really didn't know what to make of it. I was trying to get him off and not yell in Brian's ear, but that was almost impossible. I got him away from my head and he went after my arm. I've got a light scratch on that arm. I ended up scruffing him and putting him on the floor. He was fine with that, just sat there licking himself, then he limped off. He obviously wasn't interested in pursuing what he'd started. I know if he'd meant business I'd be worse than I was. Like I said, it wasn't scary at all, just really weird. I'm thinking that he was trying to dominate me like I've seen Benny try to dominate Ciara. I've seen him go after the other cats with no lasting ill effects and I think that's what he was doing to me.

And the Claritin is doing wonders for my sinus, but nada for my headaches. I got Benedryl Severe this morning and took two about four hours ago. I sat down on the sofa and watched part of "Heartbreakers". I ended up in a prone position and fell asleep. Right now, my nose is starting to hurt again (my poor nose is so dry inside that it's bloody and the outside hurts from the tissues I use; and I've still got the headache. I may have to get something prescribed to take care of this, I wouldn't be at all surprised if I need antibiotics for a sinus infection) and I think the headache is coming back. When I get up in the morning, I have no problems, it's just as the day goes on.

Oh, and the Bronco is gone, Brian is going to take out the motor this week and take it in to get rebuilt. Hopefully I'll have it back in a couple of weeks.

I'm thinking about not taking Oliver in tomorrow. I'll call Becky and let her know. Maybe the vet can see something from the x-rays and not do a hands on with Ollie. That way, I'll only bring Oliver down if the vet sees something in the picture.

Well, that's all. It's 90.1° outside right now. I'm going to go close the blinds and turn on the ceiling fans. Amazing that it's snowing back east.

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one of my kittys attacks my hair but only when she is mad at me for paying to much attention to one of the other cats i am her person you might be his person now.

Posted by bcatsrmine7 @ 03/30/2003 04:59 PM PDT

I've experienced this weird hair attacking phenomenon too! Not sure what to make of it. Have you tried Chlor-trimeton or something with chlorpheniramine maleate for your allergies? I use to take Claritin or Allegra and am much happier on this.

Posted by Melanee @ 03/30/2003 07:43 PM PDT

I have a small female, molly, who bites at my hair/head if I yell. apparently the noise disturbs her. She bothers no one else....just me.

Posted by unnicorn @ 04/02/2003 11:01 AM PDT

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