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Thursday, 04/03/2003 - 04:41 PM PDT
The topic: I always suspected people wanted to be me..

Thursday, April 3, 2003 I've always suspected people wanted to be me. Now, I know it's true. You know how I know? Because last week, somebody stole my identity. Yep, I'm a victim of identity theft. I found some unauthorized charges on one of my credit cards, called the company and disputed them. Two days later, there were more charges. I cancelled my card and called the company who had made the charges. I found out what had happened. Somebody has *all* of my information. I mean, everything. So, I've contacted all three of the credit agencies putting alerts on my credit information. And today I made a police report. What fun. It sure has put a crimp in my doing the taxes.

I didn't take Oliver to the vet Monday because he was walking much better. And he's gotten better each day. I'm sure the vet looked at the x-rays and didn't find anything, because if he had, I'd have heard from him. So, I'm really glad I didn't take that temp vet's advice. And Tuesday, I found out that Oliver can do the cat door. He did it a bunch Tuesday, but I haven't seen him use it since. I'm sure one of these days he'll be using it a lot. Yesterday he spent most of the day on the bed. He's not as pushy with the other cats as he started out being.

Tuesday, I ended up taking Lucky to the vet. Her ears were really bothering her and she would barely lift her head. She'd also lost a little weight, but I attributed that to her ear problem. But, there's always that little voice "maybe it's her kidneys". I smelled her breath and it was nowhere near what Rusty's was on his final days (we lost him a year ago yesterday). The vet checked her out and she has a pretty bad yeast infection. So, now she's on panalog for a week. She's doing much better, though. Eating more, talking more, just being more there.

We had ice cream last night and it was the bottom of the carton. I put it on the floor for the cats and didn't watch like I should have. DeeJay got into it and he's paying for it today. He just can't do any kind of dairy. He puked all over and he's looking like he really feels icky. I hate it when he feels like this. He just looks so bad, so uncomfortable. But it will pass in a few days.

Well, that's about it. I'd best get busy on the taxes. I'd planned on having them done three days ago. I've got much to do on them. I don't like doing taxes.

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Oh wow, I'm so sorry that happened to you. What a nightmare!
Any chance of catching the person? What do the police think?

Posted by Melanee @ 04/04/2003 08:35 AM PDT

I say, fingerprint or retinal scans for everything. no one can steal your identity then. They can, I doubt the person giving out a credit card/ID card or drivers license would give them to someone walking around with a severed digit or loose eyeball

Posted by Donna @ 04/04/2003 06:38 PM PDT

I'm sorry to hear about the identify theft incident. That really sucks! I've always worried that that could happen to me as well (with credit card purchase and info floating around on the internet). I guess you just never know.

Posted by Sharlene @ 04/07/2003 01:17 PM PDT

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