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Thursday, 04/24/2003 - 10:57 AM PDT
The topic: Lucky's values are back

Thursday, April 24, 2003 Well, the vet called shortly before nine this morning with the news. Her BUN, Creatinine and Phosphorus values have all dropped. The fluid therapy is doing it's job, helping her kidneys function. He said that the only thing we can do about the ear polyps is try to keep them down. He said the only way to get rid of them completely is surgery and he doesn't think that's a good idea with the shape Lucky is in. He said as long as she keeps eating and doesn't vomit, we should be okay. And he did say that her potassium was in the normal range, so whatever is going on with her neck isn't related to the kidney disease. I'm going to give her fluids on the same schedule as DeeJay, so she won't be getting them again until Saturday. It will make it easier on me to give them on the same day, so that if we want to go someplace overnight, we can.

A little more about Little Bit. I mentioned watching her yesterday with the kitten under the car. Well, I kept my distance after that (well, I did bring her some warmed up goat's milk), for the most part. I would watch her as much as I could from the bedroom window and the front door. It was hard because I couldn't see the area of the car from either place. I did hear another kitten, though, this one on the bank. The one under the car would cry, then the one on the bank would cry. She was a busy mama, running from one to the other. I had told Brian earlier that I suspected that was why the kitten under the car was so vocal, because s/he was looking for the other kitten with no luck. I did move the food from under the car, afraid that the smell of it might attract a coyote. She was still there with the one kitten and she hissed at me. At one point, I was looking outside and saw her on the bank. I saw Repete run in the direction of the car and I jetted out the door. Little Bit ran, too. And I saw Repete on the rock at the side of the yard and no kitten under the car. I figured she'd carried the kitten to the new spot. This morning I went out to see if there was anything new going on and I saw her in the cathouse on the bank. I watched her a little, talked to her and heard the kittens. So, they're in a pretty weather secure spot right now. If there is any drizzle or anything, they should keep dry. After Meetoo had her kittens (which didn't survive), Brian cleaned out the cathouses and lined them with fresh pine needles. So, the kittens have a soft bed, too. I think she picked a good spot. The kittens have been quiet since she got them settled in. Now, if I can just keep away from watching. I don't want to scare her off.

What's funny is how the other cats are staying away. When she got her kits settled in last night, she greeted all of her boyfriends and rubbed against KittyMeeze and OC. Her champions. I've seen the other cats come by, one at a time, but none have been sleeping on the blankets in the entry way and today, KittyMeeze isn't around. I saw him this morning, but I think he and OC went back across the street for the day.

Yay! Kittens!

Update 3:30pm

Well, Oliver did well at his first chiro appointment. The vet worked his spine and found a very tender area. The vet did the manipulation (I was astounded at how far he twisted Oliver's neck, it made me nervous, but it didn't seem to bother Oliver). He also kind of pulled on Oliver's tail and he told me to watch Oliver's eyes. If they looked like they were sinking in, to let him know. What do I do? I watch Oliver's eyes intently. The vet says "that was a joke". Well, duh on me. I should have known better. Oliver's lower back still bothered him (yanno, there's a little spot on his back that he chews and this was the spot the vet found that bothered him, am I surprised?) and he ended up getting some acupuncture. That was fun. Not. I was surprised at how fast he could move his head. He tried to bite the vet, but that was the only time it bothered him like it did. The hard part (for me) was trying to keep him relaxed for the thirty minutes that the needles were in him. He kept wanting to jump down and explore the room. The vet finally came back in and took the needles out and felt Oliver's back again. Oliver didn't react nearly as strongly as he had initially, so it was obvious that the acupuncture had helped. There's a possibility, though, that Oliver will need laser acupuncture, that the needles won't take care of the problem completely. He also mentioned that this could have been a problem with Oliver for a long time. The vet cautioned me that it was possible that Oliver would seem worse at first, but not to worry. That just meant that we were on the right track as far as treatment went. As I was settling the bill, the vet told me to tell my doctor "hi" for him.

I haven't seen Little Bit since this morning. I've not gone near the bank. But I'm pretty sure she's still in the house. KittyMeeze is here and by the house, when his normal afternoon spot is on the bank, on the pine needles, in the sun. I saw OC a little bit ago going up to check out the cathouse. I haven't seen him since. This will be interesting, I think.

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We had a cat that had kidney disease too and sometimes the Potassium blood values show Normal when they aren't. So, a Potassium supplement may still be needed. See this website:

Posted by Sharlene @ 05/03/2003 09:56 AM PDT

I never know where to email you but I wanted your opinion on something. I just glanced at May's Diary and saw where you were feeling discouraged and since I'm feeling discouraged I thought I would ask you your opinion on something.

Posted by Sharlene @ 05/07/2003 07:03 PM PDT

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