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Monday, 04/07/2003 - 02:44 PM PDT
The topic: A very quick entry

Monday, April 7, 2003 This is a very quick entry to let you know that everything is okay.

Oliver now can go out the cat door, but he's not real good at coming back in. He'll wait for a door to open. I think his leg got caught going out either Saturday or Sunday because his bum leg had a little slice at his hock. Brian asked if I were going to cut it off and I said no, I'd let Oliver take care of it, which he's done.

Lucky is almost back to normal. Her appetite is definitely back, she ate three helpings of chicken this morning. Her ears still bother her a little bit, but I'm sure once the infection completely dries up she'll be back to being Lucky.

Junior, poor Junior, still is afraid of Oliver and rightly so. If Junior is on the patio when I open doors and cats go out, he watches and when he sees Oliver come out, Junior will walk off with his tail between his legs, glancing over his shoulder making sure he shouldn't start running. He no longer backs up. A positive on this, for me, at least, Junior no longer jumps up and nips at my fingers. He doesn't dare. I don't mind this turn of events because that nipping always irritated me.

Annie is letting me hold her more often. I'll lean back in the office chair and hold her on my chest, giving her smooches and scratch her hears and her back. She really likes it.

I had a scare this morning when I couldn't find Red. It was early and Red usually is somewhere around when I'm divvying up the chicken. He wasn't this morning. I ended up going outside and looking for him with no luck. I must have looked for close to a half hour when I came back into the house and he was sitting on the floor in the dining room, looking up at me and blinking. I knew he had to be in somewhere because last night when I did the headcheck, I recall him bumping his head on the bottom of the coffee table in the living room (he head butts it). I just couldn't find him this morning and I get scared. What if he's hurt or sick is usually my first train of thought. But he was okay. *whew*

And last Friday, I finally did it. I joined WeightWatchers online. I signed up for three months. If it works, I'll probably keep "attending" until I reach my goal. The point system is a great idea. I just wish my favorite foods weren't so many points. *lol* Maybe I can teach my body to love different foods, ya think? Nah, I don't think that's possible either. Like I told hubby this morning, I just can't have junk around. You'd think after almost fifty years I'd have learned that, right? Oh, well. I am looking forward to wearing smaller clothes.

But you'll never see me in hip huggers showing my belly, that's a promise. *grin*

Well, I kind of stopped working on the tax stuff last week when I found my identity had been taken. And I have to get back to work on that. I've got my pile waiting for me and I'd best get to it.

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Good luck wih Weight Watchers. I have a friend who has looks and feels so much better because of joining them over a year ago. My husband bought me a Pilates machine this week and I hope to be whipped into shape in 3 months!

Posted by Melanee @ 04/07/2003 03:00 PM PDT

Good luck with Weight Watchers! I joined last year (in March) and lost 28.7 pounds so far. If you follow the plan it will work for you. I highly recommend it. It's really a lifestyle change, not a diet.

Posted by Peggy @ 04/09/2003 08:07 AM PDT

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