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Wednesday, 04/23/2003 - 12:01 PM PDT
The topic: It's a grey day

Wednesday, April 23, 2003 It's a grey day here in San Diego. There have been many grey days this year.

We haven't seen Little Bit since Monday night. I didn't see her, Brian did. I didn't see her all night long. We're hoping she's okay, that she's just off someplace nursing a new litter. There has been very little cat food consumed in the past few nights. I saw SpotTee yesterday afternoon, but not last night or this morning. We did see Angus last night and I saw Repete this morning. Send some positive vibes that Little Bit is okay.

My mom was really concerned about Screamer yesterday. I guess she finally came out from under the bed Monday afternoon, but all she wanted to do was to lay on mom's lap. At one point, Screamer got down and was walking into the other room and she took a couple of steps and she fell over. Mom was very concerned about her, watching her all evening. Yesterday morning, she took Screamer back to the vet for x-rays. The x-rays didn't show any broken bones, but there was a shadow in her tummy. They wanted to keep her and run blood tests to see if they showed anything. They also kept her overnight.

Mom was supposed to call them this afternoon. But they called mom first. It was bad news. The blood tests didn't show any problem, but Screamer had been having many little strokes. The vet told mom that Screamer wasn't getting better, that she was getting worse. She also told mom that Screamer would never get better; the best advice she had was to let Screamer pass on to the bridge. My mom was heartbroken when she called. Knowing the despair she was feeling, I did what I could to make her feel better. At least Screamer's last days were comfortable and it was much better than her dying outside, alone and scared. Mom had made up her mind to keep Screamer in at night and to give her love and affection, something she hadn't had much of. Now, she won't have the chance, and I think that's really bothers her. Godspeed, little Screamer.

I think Lucky is doing better. I don't know if the infection has been completely knocked down and I know that she's still having a problem with her ears. I gave her the fluids this morning and this afternoon I'll be taking her to the vet for a recheck. More blood tests and he'll most likely look at her ears (try to look, that is) again. This morning on our walk, I brought up Ciara and the polyp she had that almost killed her. The vet put its origin at an untreated URI. Well, I had Lucky in a couple of months ago for ear problems. I wonder if this was going on back then. If he has to put her under to clear out the polyps, I hope that she's strong enough to undergo anesthesia. But I'll start worrying about that if the meds don't do the job.

I'm also going to pick up Oliver's x-rays. Tomorrow is his first chiro treatment. I'll be honest, I've seen him walking and he looks fine, no limping at all, but yesterday afternoon, he was once again limping. So, I'm glad I didn't call to cancel the appointment. It's only been a month and a half. Oliver isn't as feisty as he once was. Maybe it's because the other cats aren't letting him be. Last week, he did have Autumn cornered in the master bathroom and somehow the door had closed so she couldn't get out. I yelled at him, was sweet to her, but she's pretty much staying under the sofa in the family room right now. He's not biting us as much, which is nice. When he grabs my leg, I'll reach down, pick him up and give him a big smurgle. I don't think his intention is to hurt, it's something else. Maybe an attention getting device.

I'm doing well on this Weight Watchers thing. I've lost ten pounds. I passed my first baby step goal, my next was to weigh less than Brian. And I thought I'd gotten there. But I forgot that Brian's at home diet isn't as bad as it was and there was the possibility that he would lose weight, too. And he has. *sigh* Oh, well, I'll just keep trying to do that baby step.

Update (6:30pm)I saw Little Bit this afternoon! And she's lost lots of weight! Oh, wait, I think she had her kittens! Well, I saw her about forty-five minutes ago up on the bank. I figured she must have had them there. Well, about fifteen minutes ago, I heard a kitten crying. I went outside to investigate and it was coming from under the Mustang! (Remember, Little Guy kept her kittens there until I grabbed them all.) I got on my hands and knees and looked under the car and there was Little Bit with one kitten. A black kitten, looked lots better than the one I found of MeeToo's. Soft and fluffly looking and it was fairly big from what I could see. That's the only one I saw, though. I'm wondering if maybe she's got more somewhere else and she's in the process of bringing them over here, that's why she was up on the bank. I told Brian we won't be watering anytime soon. I came in the house and dished her up a bowl of Fancy Feast and put it under the car by her. The last time I looked, KittyMeeze was partaking, but he won't eat much, he never does. She'll have plenty to eat, then move her kitten to her next nest.

The vet said Lucky's ears look lots better. He thinks her head problem may be due to the loss of potassium from her kidney disease. He said he'll prescribe a supplement for her to take care of that, depending on what he sees in her bloodwork. She was very good for him, didn't give him any problems with having her blood drawn. She has lost weight from last week, but I got her to eat a fair amount once we got home. He'll call me with the results either tonight or tomorrow.

Replies: 3 comments

Oh I am so terribly sorry about Screamer, tell your mom I am thinking of her..I am glad tho you found your little bit, what a relief.. Congratulations on losing the 10 pounds, :) I am glad that ww is working for you..Love, Viv

Posted by viv @ 04/23/2003 06:42 PM PDT

I am so sorry to read about Screamer.. Prayers for her and for your mom too as I know she is taking it hard..
Glad that Little Bit showed up..

Posted by granny @ 04/23/2003 07:03 PM PDT

Sorry about Screamer. One life gone and one begins with Little Bits baby (or babies). It always seems to happen that way. Prayers sent your way and to your mom.

Posted by Melanee @ 04/23/2003 07:53 PM PDT

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