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Saturday, 04/26/2003 - 08:07 AM PDT
The topic: I don't think the kittens made it

Saturday, April 26, 2003 I don't think the kittens made it. Yesterday, Little Bit was here for breakfast, then gone. I did see her at the corner house (the place where they did all of that trapping) and she was running around. I saw Repete down there, too. As the day wore on, I got a flashlight and went up onto the bank and looked inside the cathouse. No kittens. She'd moved them.

Well, last night, she shows up here about 6:30 and she was here all night. Still here right now. I don't think the kittens made it. They sure sounded healthy Wednesday night, though. And she seemed like a good mother. I'm wondering if one of the unneutered male cats got to them (they'll do that in the wild, kill the kittens to try to get the queen back into heat). I also had a fleeting thought that maybe the tortie took over mothering them. And there's always the coyotes. Was one of them able to get the kittens from the house on the bank? Or maybe a raccoon? Something really odd, though, KittyMeeze doesn't stay here in the daytime, he eats in the morning and is gone. And I don't see OC at all until later in the morning. It's been like that the past three mornings. I'm curious about this.

She's so very tiny. And I feel so badly for her. Poor little girl. I really want to get her in. Get her tested, get her fixed and bring her into the house. I know she'll be better off inside than out.

I'm worried about Lucky. I can't seem to find anything she'll eat. I know her ears bother her, they most likely will for the rest of her life. *sigh* It's so hard to watch them get older, especially when there are problems that you just can't seem to get a fix on.

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I'm really sorry about the kittens. Poor little creatures. The old age thing-I know how you feel. My Mouser is 9 today. Also Fred beat Tyra up, badly. She is so drepressed. At this time she's not eating. Poor cats everywhere. :(

Posted by Darlene @ 04/26/2003 11:05 AM PDT

:( So sad to hear about the kittens & poor mommy. I hope you get her in soon too. I know you must feel so helpless when stuff like this happens.

Posted by Melanee @ 04/26/2003 03:12 PM PDT

I'm so sorry to hear about the kittens.

Posted by Sharlene @ 05/03/2003 09:57 AM PDT

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