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Sunday, 03/23/2003 - 10:31 AM PDT
The topic: I don't often get political

Sunday, March 23, 2003 I don't often get political. Brian and I bounce things off of one another, but I won't post much on the current situation. I don't like war. But I know sometimes it's necessary. I didn't vote for George W. Bush. I'm saddened that our kids have been sent to fight. But Saddam needs to be gone. And I hope that once he's gone, we don't leave the people of Iraq without help.

I've had MSNBC on almost continuously. If Brian turns on the television before me, that's where he aims the satellite dish. Satellite G1, transponder 10. And I've seen a couple of things that bothered me. One was the pictures of the American troops taking down the Iraqi flag and replacing with the American flag, as if we were 'conquering' their country. As I've understood what we've been told, we're taking away bad management. Like Enron. Except much, much worse. Rip down the pictures of Saddam, by all means, but let the citizens of Iraq take their own flags down, if that's what they want to do. The other, was last night they were showing some of the Iraqi POWs. They looked well. Some were happy, smiling, grinning at the camera. I'm sure that many of the Iraqi soldiers weren't soldiers by their own choice, more like they were conscripted. I don't know how well Hussein took care of his army, but I can't imagine it was good. But that's just my impression. Anyway, the camera was following the reported and there was video of one man lying down with a blanket over him. Then they went to a fellow who was sitting and had a blanket over him. They were shining this light at him, the reporter within two feet and the reporter bent down and picked up a food wrapper and was saying something about it. For some reason, this entire segment upset me. It did the same for Brian. It was as if the reporter was visiting the local zoo and pointing out things about one of the animals in a cage. Damn, sure the man was fighting for the enemy and was now a prisoner, but please, he's still human. Give him a little bit of dignity.

Our nephew is over there. He's in the Marines, works with helicopters. We're worried for him. He's young and he's a great kid. I remember not that many years ago, going up to Disneyland with the whole family. He was a lot of fun. He just got married earlier this year. I hope he comes home alive and in one piece.

And I hope Saddam gets his ass kicked from one side of Iraq to the other.

Oliver is doing much better since the cast was cut down. They didn't redo the cast, just cut it down the leg about an inch or so. Imagine having a cast up to your hip for a sprained ankle. Well, now it's just above the knee, so it's more comfortable for him. And I notice that he's putting more weight on that leg with the cast than he did without it, before he re-injured the hock. Becky told me that she didn't send the x-rays to the specialist like the vet said. She just put them back in the sleeve and when the doc gets back from vacation, she'll have him look them over. Then we'll decide what to do. And to show how small the world can really be, it turns out that her mom works at the clinic that I'll be taking Oliver to for his chiro. I asked if there was anyway to get him in sooner and she said she'd see if her mom could do anything, but she can't. The doctor usually works with horses four days a week, leaving only one for small animals. She told Becky that they can't even get their own pets in early. But it didn't hurt to ask.

I was playing around with my store yesterday and realized why I was getting an error message when I tested buying something with PayPal. The script was dropping the last number of the amount due when it ended in zero. I emailed the script author about that and he fixed it for me. Another thing I did was to add my logo to the PayPal page. I did a bunch of test orders to see if it was working. So, done, I start deleting all of the test orders, probably about ten. I didn't look at any of them. While I was deleting, my head voice said "what if one of them is a real order?" Ah, shut up, head voice, I haven't had a real order in over two years. Then I get an email from the site who handles the credit cards. Someone had place a real order! Argh! I lost it! I know it was a puzzle that was ordered, but I don't know which one. I know who ordered it, I have an address, a phone number and an email addy. I emailed her yesterday and I'm waiting to hear back. I can't even believe my incredibly sucky luck. I mean, what were the chances?

Friday, I decided to unlatch the catdoor so the cats don't need me to open the doors for them. I figured there's no way that Oliver is going to learn them just yet. He has no idea about catdoors, latched or unlatched. Well, once the cats realized they didn't need me anymore and have had better access to getting outside, I think some of the inappropriate peeing behavior may lessen. Like last night. Nobody peed on the bed. Pretty nice when you figure that they peed on the bed at least four times last week. I was doing laundry every day, bedding laundry. Friday morning, I washed the spread that had been peed on the night before (luckily I caught it before it soaked through to the blanket and it was only on the spread, not the pillow). Then, Friday night, I saw that some cat had peed on Brian's pillow and the bed in front of it. The pillow needed to be washed, the spread needed to be washed, the blanket and top sheet needed to be washed. We have extra pillows, so I didn't need to wash that, but the bed didn't get finished until after ten o'clock Friday night. I used the spread that I'd laundered that morning. And because I'd spent so much time doing bedding laundry, we were running out of clothes. I did seven loads yesterday. The shortest time for a wash is about an hour. Express wash is forty five minutes, then I do an additional rinse where I put in the fabric softener, which adds twenty one minutes. I was washing all day long and it was nice to be done. I kept checking the bed for pee, though. Knock on wood, there was none.

I cleaned out the refrigerator freezer Friday, got rid of a bunch of open bags of frozen veggies that had been in there for a very long time. And there were some leftovers of mysterious food. All tossed. And I found my frozen turkey from Thanksgiving. I put that in the frig and am giving it to the cats. DeeJay loves it. I put some with this morning's breakfast chicken and he had seconds. Now I'm waiting to see if he keeps it down. He didn't puke any up last night that I know of, so hopefully he will.

Brian had to work yesterday morning, the farted around helping his brother with something he was doing. He got home after two. Then he went out and mowed, weedwacked and rototilled my catnip garden (which I have to go out and rake up, try to get rid of all the roots and stuff, I'd planted a spearmint plant that took over). Then he pulled a ton of weeds by the pool, then weedwacked most of the tall grass that was left. The cats have now lost much of their hiding space, which should make it easier to get them in at night. Did I tell you I thought Kirby was down there the second night I couldn't find him? Some of the weeds were situated so that a dark cat could very easily have hidden under them without being found. I found that spot when Daniece went missing one night. If she hadn't been white, I'd never have found her. Then we had pizza for dinner (a frozen one I'd gotten at the grocery store, cheese of course). This morning, he left early for Ranchita and he said he hopes to leave up there at four this afternoon so he can be home for our regularly scheduled Sunday dinner. We're having macaroni and cheese (you can find the recipe here), with peas and homemade oatmeal, chocolate chip cookies, fresh from the oven. Yum!

I found a cute little free script that lets you know how many people are online on your website. I added it to the catcam, officecam and patiocam, so if you are checking out any of the cameras, you can tell if you're the only one. And it might be nice for folks who want to chat about what the see on the cameras, too.

Well, that's it for now. Hope you all have a great day. The sun is shining and, believe it or not, I still have more laundry to do. Best get to it. :-wave

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My son in law left to fight in the war yesterday morning..
His son just turned one year old this month and he is afraid that he won't know his dad when he gets back.. He knows he'll be gone for at least a year. :(

Posted by granny @ 03/23/2003 01:32 PM PDT

I saw where the officers had the men put the flag back, said they were there to liberate, not conquer.
granny, will keep your family in my prayers.

Posted by Bobbie @ 03/23/2003 03:40 PM PDT

We're treating their pow's better than they treat ours. The food wrapper incident is because the first thing Iraqi soldiers do when they surrender is ask for food, they don't get fed to well. Sending prayers to all our troops, there and here.

Posted by Donna @ 03/23/2003 07:40 PM PDT

Yes, I know we're much better at taking care of POWs than the Iraqis are at taking care of coalition prisoners. What they're doing sickens me, really sickens me. I watched yesterday as Rumsfeld said that we're not showing POWs on television and I asked out loud "then you haven't been watching MSNBC, because they've sure been showing them". But I noticed that they've not been showing them since the outcry over Al Jazeera's passing the video around.

I don't like that the Iraqis aren't fighting fair (dressing as civilians, pretending to surrender, then ambushing our troops). Bad form, as they said in "Hook". Bad form. I don't know why so it seems so many people are surprised that the Iraqis aren't following the Geneva Convention. It seems the countries that don't need it are following it to the letter and the countries that it's aimed at aren't paying any attention to it. "Geneva Convention? What's that? Nothing we're interested in." I'm sure they make it very hard for the coalition forces to not repay in kind, but for some reason, my little head voice says "yeah, but you wouldn't want to see our guys lower themselves to that level". All they've done by showing those videos as far as the coalition is concerned is to fortify their feelings that Saddam and his forces have to be wiped out. To strengthen our resolve.

And by doing what they've done, they've also made it hard for the Iraqi soldiers who do want to surrender. I mean, if you were a coalition soldier, knowing that there have been ambushes of "surrendering soldiers", wouldn't you be a lot more cautious, maybe a little quicker on that trigger? I know I would.

I'm proud when I see the anti-war rallies on the news, I really am. Not because I'm proud of those, urm, people protesting. I don't agree with them at all. I was born in Germany, the only daughter of an Irish woman and an American G.I. My dad was in the Air Force and retired after twenty years in the service. I lived my life moving from state to state, country to country. We lived in Pennsylvania, my father stationed at New Cumberland Army Depot when the Vietnam war started. One of our neighbors was the first to die there. I may not like the war, but we're doing what has to be done. Saddam Hussein is a madman. And you can't reason with a madman. If I were out there holding a sign, it would be to support our troops, not put down our government or commander-in-chief. The reason I'm proud is because I live in a country where people can protest, without fear of ending up in a dungeon or losing their lives. That's what it's all about. It's about people having basic freedoms.

Agh, this makes me sick. It's such a sad time for all. I hate that our soldiers are over there. laying their lives on the line. I hate that many Iraqi men, who most likely were conscripted into service, who would most likely rather be at home with their wives and children are dying. All because of that madman and his cronies. He needs to be terminated, like the vermin he is.

Posted by lisaviolet @ 03/24/2003 07:43 AM PDT

I am tired and sad from watching all this coverage. I support our troops being the military brat that I am. I didn't vote for Bush either but support him at a very difficult time.
Taking my daughter to "Piglet's Big Movie" today for comfort.

Posted by Melanee @ 03/24/2003 09:35 AM PDT

lisaviolet is fifty something, married with no kids, takes care of lots of cats, likes taking photographs, loves Southern California weather and spends altogether too much time avoiding her responsibilities.

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