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Friday, 06/03/2005 - 04:19 PM PDT
Listening to the voices in my head
The topic: Was this mean?

Yesterday, late afternoon, it was about 6:00, I noticed that three of the kittens were already in the house. So, I took advantage and chased Little Bit in, along with the rest of the cats.

So, by 6:30 (about two to three hours earlier than normal), all of the cats were in. I just got to thinking how hard it is on me to get them in later (especially those little black kittens, they blend and I'm out there barefoot with a flashlight) Brian manning the screen doors and I chase and he opens, hoping that no one goes out when one goes in. I need to relax a little before I go to sleep and believe me, rounding up cats at 9:30 at night, isn't what I'd call relaxing.

The cats weren't all that thrilled, the kittens haven't learned yet that crying gets you nowhere. They sounded pathetic, but we didn't care. I actually shut down the computer around eight o'clock and went out and laid down on the sofa to watch television. I promptly fell asleep. He woke me around 9:30 and said "let's go to bed".

It was nice. I had a good night's sleep, now I need another two weeks like last night. I think I'm going to try to get the cats in earlier from now on. Heck, they go out between four and five in the morning, coming in between six and seven in the evening shouldn't be all that awful for them.

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I have not been able to see your pictures for a long time on your website (cookies allowed for your website). Suggestions for how to get them to show the beautiful and Handsome cats?

Thanks in advance,
Nete with Zanie and Mungo

Posted by Nete Poret @ 06/06/2005 07:30 PM PDT

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