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Wednesday, 06/15/2005 - 05:45 PM PDT
The topic: Handsome's feeling better

Today is day three of his Baytril.

He's been looking a little better each day and today, his drooling isn't close to being as bad as it had been. The first two days of the Baytril, I was able to get it right down him. Tonight, he fought me. He doesn't find as hard as he used to and once I'm done, he doesn't hiss and slap at me. He lets me pet him.

Tonight, though, he spit the damned pill out three times. I finally got him in the kitchen, I got on my knees, held him between them, put my left arm around his chest, holding his legs down and got his left paws in my left hand. Then I pried his mouth open with my right hand, which was holding the dissolving pill and got it far enough in his throat that he swallowed it.

He stalked off when I let him go. Sat there and gave me the evil eye, then let me pet him.


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Must be related to my little beast, she fights like a tiger then swallows it and rubs her head on my leg. We call her dork - does she get that if she didn't fight it would be easier? or does she just like the contortionist act mommy puts on to get the pill in her rolls eyes

Posted by Donna @ 06/16/2005 01:23 PM PDT

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