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Wednesday, 06/15/2005 - 12:37 PM PDT
Listening to Queen Latifah - The Dana Owens Album
The topic: Can a stranger find out where YOU are?

I've seen this twice now. And it's just wrong. nono5

So many of us go through many steps to protect our privacy online and this company comes up with all sorts of links to our personal information. All of our phone lines are unpublished. I don't put my real name or address out on the internet because, honestly, the idea of someone knowing where I live and dumping cats off, or even worse, coming here to do harm to our cats, scares me. And what's worse, with the things the way they are, I'm not being paranoid.

I sent an email to the company to please remove my information and guess what? They won't do it without me setting up an account/record (FREE!) with them. Then I can delete to my heart's content. And this has to be done via snail mail. In the meantime, who knows what mischief someone can do with our information?

My suggestion? Alert your state representatives. Don't know who they are? Maybe this will help:

To find your state representative, click here.

To find your state senator, click here.

Let's get this website shut down.

Something I hadn't considered is one of the things they show is birth month and year. This will be open season on the elderly. All across the U.S.

Bad thing. Very bad thing.

To find out how to opt out of this and other websites that have your information available for just anyone, go to The FTC's Online Information Sellers - How To Opt Out page. You might be surprised to find how many are out there.

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I can't get the URL to come up, maybe the site is now down.

Posted by Vicki @ 06/16/2005 02:59 PM PDT

Which URL?

Posted by lisaviolet @ 06/16/2005 03:19 PM PDT

This one

Posted by Vicki @ 06/20/2005 02:22 PM PDT

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